4.1239 Conf: ICAME '91 Open Day (Corpora) (1/98)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1239. Monday, 15 Apr 1991.

From: E. S. Atwell <csc6ea@uk.ac.leeds.sun>
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 91 17:28:18 BST
Subject: ICAME 91 Open Day
Forwarded by: mccarty@epas.utoronto.ca (Willard Mccarty)

Please circulate the following flier on the ICAME'91 Open Day to anyone
who may wish to attend. The principles apply to Corpora of other languages,
not just English, so linguists working on other languages might well be
interested as well; I realise that not many people are likely to
travel overseas just for a one-day gathering, but perhaps the Open Day
might be of interest to anyone who plans to be in England at the time on
other business.

Eric Steven Atwell
National Coordinator, UFC Knowledge Based Systems Initiative
Centre for Computer Analysis of Language And Speech (CCALAS)
Artificial Intelligence Division, School of Computer Studies
phone: +44 532 335761 Leeds University
FAX: +44 532 335468 Leeds LS2 9JT
JANET: eric@uk.ac.leeds.ai England
EARN/BITNET/ARPA: eric%leeds.ai@ac.uk


ICAME'91 Corpus Research Open Day

Thursday May 9th 1991, Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, Yorkshire

The International Computer Archive of Modern English (ICAME) annual
conference is the principal meeting place for linguists and computer
scientists using English language Corpora in their research. Recently
there has been a surge of interest in Corpus-based research in the wider
speech and language technology community. For the benefit of this wider
community, the 12th ICAME Conference will include an Open Day, when
leading ICAME researchers will give overviews of the stages in the
"Corpus life cycle":

10.30 Arrival and registration
11.00 An Overview of ICAME
(Stig Johansson, Oslo University, ICAME Committee Chairman)
11.30 Corpus Collection (Antoinette Renouf, Birmingham University)
12.00 Corpus Annotation (Sidney Greenbaum, University College London)
12.30 Corpus-based Parsing (Eric Atwell, Leeds University)
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Tools for Using Corpora (Jan Aarts, Nijmegen University)
2.30 Corpora for Lexicography and English Language Teaching
(John Sinclair, Birmingham University)
3.00 Using Spoken Corpora (Gerry Knowles, Lancaster University)
3.30 The ICAME Storehouse: Corpus Availability and Distribution
(Knut Hofland, Bergen University)
4.00 Departure

All are welcome to attend this Open Day; in addition to seeing the above
presentations, Open Day participants will be able to meet other ICAME'91
conference delegates to discuss specialist needs, applications, etc. The
conference language will be English. The Craiglands Hotel, Cowpasture
Road, Ilkley (0943 607676) is c5 minutes walk from the station, and is on
the edge of Ilkley Moor (hats not required). Ilkley is about half an
hour by rail or road from Leeds, which in turn has good rail and road
links to the rest of the UK. Leeds/Bradford Airport, mid-way between
Leeds and Ilkley, has regular flights to several UK and European cities.

Attendance at the ICAME'91 Open Day costs 50 pounds, which covers lunch
and ICAME'91 documentation including a full list of ICAME'91 conference
delegates. To attend, please return the booking form below a.s.a.p. (not
later than 1st May) to:

Eric Atwell, School of Computer Studies, Leeds University, Leeds LS2 9JT;
tel: +44 (0532) 335761 email: eric@uk.ac.leeds.ai

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May 9th 1991, 10.30-4.00, Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, Yorkshire, England.

I would like to register for the ICAME'91 Corpus Research Open Day.






SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS (eg vegetarian; disabled access):

I enclose a cheque/bankers draft for fifty pounds sterling made payable
to the University of Leeds.
I have arranged for a bank to bank transfer of fifty pounds sterling to
National Westminster Bank, Leeds City Office, 8 Park Row, Leeds LS1 1QS
A/c name: University of Leeds; A/c no: 86577220; Sort-code: 60-60-05
NB PLEASE QUOTE REFERENCE: "ICAME91 Conference a/c 334320/0618".