4.1256 Rs: Biblio. SW -- NB (1/31)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 22 Apr 91 00:33:33 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1256. Monday, 22 Apr 1991.

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 91 10:30:49 MDT
From: koontz@alpha.bldr.nist.gov (John E. Koontz)
Subject: Re: 4.1250 Bibliography Software (1/26)

> The specific problem mentioned - time-saving on edited book entries - we
> solve in this way: create a record containing data common to all entries
> (editors, publisher, book title etc.), close it and copy it as many
> times as there are articles. Then open each copy and enter the specific
> data (author, article title etc.). ..


The way this is done with Nota Bene's Ibid. bibliographic add-on is as
follows: enter the main collection and then start the first entry for a
component by informing the package that the next entry is to be
initialized to the current entry. Continue for successive component
articles telling Ibid. each time that the next entry is to be
initialized to the current one. One has to delete the fields that will
change as one reaches them - component author, component title, etc.,
but that only takes one (multi-key) command as you move into the field.
The main complication will be in going from the collection entry to
first component entry, since you will have to add/delete fields
appropriately at that point in orded to shift from a collection entry to
a component entry.

Actually, unless I was doing a lot of heavy bibliographical work at that
point in time, I would probably re-enter any information from the
collection in the first component, just to avoid rembering what is to be
carried over. That way I could rely Ibid.'s ability to display only the
fields relevant to a collection or a component. You can also shift at
any point to displaying all (potential fields).

Note that I am only a patzer level user of Ibid.