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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 1271. Tuesday, 23 Apr 1991.

(1) Date: 23 April 91, 09:41:05 EMT (115 lines)
From: Knut Hofland +47 5 212954/55/56 FAFKH at NOBERGEN
Subject: Conference:THE DIGITAL IMAGE; Pictorial Arts and Info. Tech.

(2) Date: Thu, 18 Apr 91 09:20 EDT (41 lines)
From: MELANCON@umtlvr.bitnet

(3) Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1991 15:01:03 EDT (150 lines)
From: Sally Webster <ACDSPW@SUVM>
Subject: EDUCOM/EUIT Snowmass Conference Coming

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Date: 23 April 91, 09:41:05 EMT
From: Knut Hofland +47 5 212954/55/56 FAFKH at NOBERGEN
Subject: Conference:THE DIGITAL IMAGE; Pictorial Arts and Info. Tech.

THE DIGITAL IMAGE: Pictorial Arts and Information Technology
Conference at Bergen Airport Hotel 17-19 October 1991.

This conference will be arranged by the Department of Art History,
University of Bergen, the Norwegian Computing Centre for the
Humanities, and IBM Bergen Scientific Centre.

In the course of the last decennium the development of information
technology has provided possibilities for storage, analysis and presentation
of stills and moving pictures through computer technology. This field is
rapidly developing, and the technology is able to meet more and more of the
demands for quick and easy access to varied kinds of information.

In Norway as well as abroad, there are in progress, or completed, a number
of projects concerned with research in and dissemination of art and culture
historical topics through the use of modern multimedia technology. The new
methods of analysis and presentation are also being employed in the analysis
of film and film history.

At the conference in Bergen, the technological basis for this type of
professional humanist work will be presented through speeches and
demonstrations. Researchers from some of the leading international
institutions will present their projects, and there will be presentations of the
R&D being carried out in this field in Norway.

Among the speakers are:
Dag Bergmann, Project Docim, Dept. of Egyptology, Uppsala University, Sweden
Ching-chih Chen, Simmons College, Boston, U.S.A.
Gunnar Danbolt, Department of Art History, University of Bergen
Rune Espelid, IBM Bergen Scientific Centre
Wim Jansen, The Open University, The Netherlands
Britt Kroepelien, Department of Art History, University of Bergen
Christian Lahanier, Directorate of French museums, Paris
Kirk Martinez, Birkbeck College, University of London
Mario Milazzo, Institute of Physics, University of Milan
Espen S. Ore, Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities, Bergen
Representative of the IBM Hawthorn Laboratory, New York
Susan Stedman, Museum Education Consortium, New York
Bj|rn S|renssen, Dept. of Drama, Film and Theatre, University of Trondheim

Among the demonstrations at the conference:
- Project Emperor I (on the First Emperor of China and his terracotta
warriors and horses)
- Perseus (Classical Greek literature and archeology)
- The Museum Education Consortium Hypermedia Project (Impressionist
and Post-Impressionist Art)
- The Dutch Open University Visual Arts Project (teaching art history)
- Hypermedia project of Egyptian cultural history
- Interactive video in film analysis
- Use of infrared radiation in examination of paintings

- The EEC Project Narcisse (a scientific picture databank of works of art in
European museums
- The EEC Vasari project (high resolution digital picture analysis)
- FotoMac - hypermedia photo archive
- Hypermedia in use at the Edvard Munch Museum
- Digitalization in style research, by IBM Bergen Scientific Centre and the
Department of Art History, University of Bergen
- The Brandywine Project (pictorial database over the artist Andrew Wyeth)
- Italian art and culture historical projects.

A number of video discs, CD-ROMs etc. containing art historical pictures
and photographic material from various countries will also be shown at the

The conference will be of interest to:
* Staff and students of
- art and culture history
- film, drama and theater
- media studies
* Museum personnel, library and documentation staffs
* Milieus concerned with pedagogical applications of new media
* Publishers and printers
* Milieus concerned with the development of information technology

About the conference:
The conference starts on Thursday 17 October 1:00 pm., and ends on
Saturday 19 October 1:00 pm.

It will take place at Bergen Airport Hotel, Kokstadveien 3 - five minutes by
car from Bergen Airport, Flesland. There will be a direct bus service from
the center of Bergen every day.

Conference fee: NOK 900 for staff of academic organisations
NOK 500 for students
NOK 1500 for others

Included in the conference fee is a dinner at the medieval assembly halls of
Sch|tstuene in the city of Bergen, on 18 October.

Hotell rates: NOK 1780 (single room, full pension)
NOK 1500 (double room, full pension)
NOK 170 (lunch at the arrival)

Final registration date is 20 August.
With cancellations before 1 October we refund 50% of the registration fee.
Cancellations after 1 October are not entitled to any refund.

Information about the conference can be obtained from:

EITHER: The Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities
P.O. Box 53, Universitetet, N-5027 Bergen, Norway
Tel. + 47 (05) 21 29 54/55/56 Telefax + 47 (05) 32 26 56
e-mail: imageconf-91@navf-edb-h.uib.no
(attn.: Kari S|rstr|mmen or Kjell Morland)

OR: Britt Kroepelien, H|yteknologisenteret in Bergen, tel. + 47 (05) 54 42

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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 91 09:20 EDT
From: MELANCON@umtlvr.bitnet
Subject: Conference announcement

Colloque de l'A.I.R.E.
(Association interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l'epistolaire)
Paris, 5-6 decembre 1991

Le Musee de la Poste et l'A.I.R.E. organisent les 5 et 6 decembre 1991 a Paris
objectifs y seront poursuivis : marquer la creation du Conservatoire
epistolaire du Musee de la poste; permettre le developpement de la
recherche sur les correspondances et favoriser la diffusion des travaux en
ce domaine. Des analyses de type semio-linguistique, litteraire, psycho-
analytique, sociologique, historique pourront apporter un eclairage
particulier a des textes epistolaires tres divers, aussi bien la lettre du
"grand homme" public que celle du particulier ordinaire. Une approche
serielle permettra de degager cliches et stereotypes, aussi bien que des
codes socio-culturels.

Les propositions de communication (maximum : 25 minutes) seront etudiees
par un comite scientifique interdisciplinaire preside par Roger CHARTIER.

Les propositions de communication, les demandes d'information et les
inscriptions doivent etre transmises a la secretaire-tresoriere de l'A.I.R.E. :

Mireille BOSSIS
8, rue de la Villette
75019 Paris

ou a :
Musee de la poste
34, boulevard de Vaugirard
75015 Paris