5.0710 ALLCACH Registration Extended (1/60)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 25 Feb 1992 18:43:21 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0710. Tuesday, 25 Feb 1992.

Date: Sat, 22 Feb 92 14:38 GMT
From: ALLCACH@vax.oxford.ac.uk
Subject: ALLCACH '92 update

A brief note about the forthcoming ALLC/ACH '92 conference, which we
would appreciate your posting as soon as possible.

* early registration period extended

Early-bird registrations for the April ALLC/ACH '92 conference here in
Oxford are already well into three digits, so we are confident that this
will indeed turn out to be *the* event of the humanities computing year.
Nevertheless, because we were a bit slow in getting registration packs
out to everyone who wanted them, we've decided to extend the deadline
for early registration by a further fortnight. If your registration is
postmarked before midnight (in your timezone!) on St Perpetua's Day (7
March) then you should *not* include the additional Late Registration
Surcharge with the payment. If you've already sent in a registration
fee which includes the surcharge, we'll refund it (in the local
currency) when you arrive.

* computer access during the conference

Christ Church is quite a long walk from the main University computing
facilities, and no computing facilities will be available during the
formal sessions, for reasons both logistical and intellectual. However,
we have now arranged for a more-or-less permananent exhibition space at
the Chaplaincy (the building opposite Christ Church where all plenary
sessions will be held). Here you will find manufacturers' and
publishers' demonstrations and also a small number of PCs and Macs
connected to the University data network (and hence the world). We will
be providing temporary accounts on the University VAX for anyone wishing
to send or receive e-mail here (more details on arrival).

* computer demonstrations during the conference

If you have a system you'd like to demonstrate to others, either in
connexion with a formal paper or independently, then you can ask for
time on one of these machines. We will be running a booking system for
them throughout the conference (details on arrival), and there will be
daily updates on who is demonstrating what when. If you want to bring
your own equipment to demonstrate, then *please ask us first* Space is
very limited and we will not be able to offer you any logistical
support or assistance.

These computing facilities are being provided and supervised by the CTI
Centre for Textual Studies, whose assistance we gratefully acknowledge.

* programme changes

The programme circulated with the registration materials included all
proposals accepted at that time by the programme committee in the best
order that we could arrange at the time. There will of course be quite a
few amendments to the programme before it is finalised, maybe even
before it happens (a few additional presentations have already been
accepted; and a few have had to be withdrawn). Consequently, the only
sure way of attending the session that interests you is being here for
the duration of the conference. We think you won't regret it.

Lou Burnard
Katy Cubitt
for ALLCACH '92

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