6.0020 Educational Uses of Information Technology (1/75)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 18 May 1992 19:55:03 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0020. Monday, 18 May 1992.

Date: Mon, 18 May 92 08:10:13 EDT
From: "Jacqueline Brown" <jbrown@Princeton.EDU>
Subject: Educational Uses of Information Technology

EDUCOM's Educational Uses of Information Technology (EUIT) Program

Join your peers at EUIT's Seventh Annual Snowmass Working Session,
August 5-7, 1992 - an opportunity to exchange ideas, get involved in
EUIT's active project working groups, and develop new ones. This
year's theme is "Transforming Information Technologies into
Educational Realities: You and I and EUIT."

Program Highlights: Steve Ehrmann of the Corporation for Public
Broadcasting, and Carrie Regenstein of Cornell, will examine the
potential of technology to transform and extend educational
opportunities, and discuss how organizations can and are changing
their structure and activities to exploit the benefits of information
technology. Ehrmann's work with The Annenberg/CPB Project provides a
broad perspective on innovative uses of technology; Regenstein's work
at Cornell with regional faculty workshops gives her a practical
perspective on implementation.

James Noblitt (Modern Languages) and John Risley (Physics) will focus
on applying technology to the logic of specific disciplines, and
technology's role in catalyzing changes in teaching and learning in
their fields. Risley has been instrumental in identifying quality
physics software and making it available through experimental
distribution programs; Noblitt has developed one of the most
successful foreign language software packages, and has toured and
consulted widely as an IBM consulting scholar.

Professional development sessions will focus on publication,
dissemination, and fundraising strategies.

REGISTRATION FORM - EUIT's 7th Annual Snowmass Working Sessions:

Please return this information with your payment to EDUCOM/EUIT, 1112
16th St. NW #600, Washington, DC 20036; e-mail to EUIT@EDUCOM
(BITNET) or EUIT@EDUCOM.EDU (Internet); or fax to 202/872-4318.
MasterCard, or American Express accepted.

Nickname for badge:

Is this your first EUIT Snowmass Working Session? yes___ no____
(If yes, please join us for the newcomer's breakfast on August 5.)

Do you have a disability? If yes, please let us know how we may
accommodate your needs.

Registration fee: By July 15, 1992 - $175.00 After July 15, 1992 -

Conference payment - include check, P.O., or credit card type,
number, expiration date, and signature.

Hotel accommodations - conference rates at the Silvertree Hotel:
Standard - $86 / Premiere - $94 (both rates are single or double
A limited number of condominiums are also available. For
reservations, call 800-525-9402 and mention EDUCOM/EUIT to obtain the
conference rate. The Silvertree Hotel has a complimentary shuttle
from the Aspen airport.

Discounted air fares - in cooperation with the Seminars on Academic
Computing, discounted air fares to Denver and Aspen are available on
United Airlines. Save 40% off unrestricted coach fares or 5% off
lowest applicable fares. (Canadian travelers, please ask for special
published Canadian fares.) Call 800-521-4041 and refer to 522KD.
Discounts are also available on Hertz rental cars.