6.0024 Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax (1/42)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 21 May 1992 17:56:12 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0024. Thursday, 21 May 1992.

Date: Thu, 21 May 92 09:34 EDT
From: "NANCY M. IDE (914) 437 5988" <IDE@vassar.bitnet>
Subject: 8th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax

From: cgs@mack.uit.no

Second announcement PLEASE POST

8th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax

with a parasession on

Comparative Germanic Phonology

University of Tromso
November 20-22, 1992

The 8th Workshop on Comparative Germanic Syntax, with a
parasession on phonology, will be held at the University of
Tromso, Norway, November 20-22. (This coincides with the
arrival of the murkytide.)
Invited speakers:

Noam Chomsky
Guglielmo Cinque
Elisabet Engdahl

Those who wish to present a paper (30 min. + discussion)
are hereby invited to submit an abstract no longer than
2 pages before August 1, 1992.
Preference will be given to presentations on parametric
(and other) variation concerning / involving the Germanic
languages. We expect to be able to meet travel expenses of
the speakers.
Abstracts should be sent anonymously in tenfold,
accompanied by a camera-ready original with name and address
of the author(s), to

Tarald Taraldsen and Ove Lorentz
ISL, University of Tromso
N-9037 Tromso, Norway
E-mail: <cgs@mack.uit.no>

Please send us a message if you want further information.