6.0062 Qs: History of the Discovery of Americas? (1/13)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 8 Jun 1992 16:43:27 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0062. Monday, 8 Jun 1992.

Date: Sat, 6 Jun 92 18:37+0100
From: Irena Sumi <irena.sumi@uni-lj.ac.mail.YU>
Subject: A request

This may not be in direct connection to the themes currently
discussed on the list, but does perhaps any of the listers
deal with the history of the "discovery" of the Americas? I
would be much obliged for a bibliography of earliest
"discovery" reports (natural history, geography, maps...); or
else, could anyone direct me somewhere?

Thanks in advance,

Irena Sumi
Institute of ethnic studies
Ljubljana - Slovenia