6.0082 CCH Working Papers: On TACT (1/108

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Tue, 16 Jun 1992 15:47:42 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0082. Tuesday, 16 Jun 1992.

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Subject: new volume of CCHWP


CCH Working Papers:
A Series for Computer-Assisted
Textual Studies

Volume 1:
A TACT Exemplar
T. Russon Wooldridge, ed.
with papers by John Bradley, Willard McCarty,
Kenneth B. Steele, and T. Russon Wooldridge

$18.50 (CAN), $16 (US)
from the Centre for Computing in the Humanities
University of Toronto

Volume 2:
Historical Dictionary Databases
T. Russon Wooldridge, ed.
with papers by P. Caron, L. Dagenais, W. Edwards,
G. Gonfroy, A. Ikse-Vitols, D.A. Kibbee, I. Lancashire,
D. Megginson, B. Merrilees, T. Nadasdi, F.W. Tompa, T.R. Wooldridge

$35 (CAN), $30 (US)
from the Centre for Computing in the Humanities
University of Toronto

The Series:

The Centre for Computing in the Humanities, University of Toronto,
takes pleasure in announcing the second volume of CCH Working Papers (CCHWP).
CCHWP is intended as a vehicle for the discussion of computer methodology
in the context of research whose focus is primarily on texts rather than
on the machine or its software. Whether the computer is itself an object
of study or chiefly a tool for it, CCHWP addresses its capabilities for
affecting our understanding of texts.

CCHWP is an occasional publication, with a provisional schedule of one volume
per year. Each volume contains several related papers or a single monograph,
written in either English or French with a summary in the other language.

Volume 2:

The papers contained in this volume were first given at a symposium
on "Historical Dictionary Databases and Data Retrieval Requirements"
held at the University of Toronto in October 1991. The historical
dictionaries concerned are all ones that first appeared in
manuscript or print, and are, or have been, the subject of research
projects involving their electronic capture. The great majority of
the texts belong to the tradition of French lexicography and
describe a past state of the language.
B. Merrilees, W. Edwards and D. Megginson discuss the
establishment of a critical edition and electronic database of
Firmin Le Ver's 15th-century Latin-French _Dictionarius_. T.R.
Wooldridge describes the structures of several of Robert Estienne's
and Jean Nicot's 16-17th-century Latin-French and French-Latin
dictionaries that have been put on computer. D.A. Kibbee considers
the structures of a number of 16th-century French-English diction-
aries (Palsgrave, Veron, Baret, Huloet-Higgins, Hollyband), and
explores the organization and aims of a future database containing
them. I. Lancashire examines tagging systems for the French-English
dictionaries of John Palsgrave and Randle Cotgrave in the context of
a Renaissance knowledge base. P. Caron, L. Dagenais and G. Gonfroy
describe a project to capture in electronic form the 18th-century
_Dictionaire critique_ of Jean-Francois Feraud, and discuss the
structures of the text and of a database representation of it. T.R.
Wooldridge, A. Ikse-Vitols and T. Nadasdi discuss aspects of the
computer-assisted CopuLex Project, which is analyzing the
information systems used by French dictionaries from the sixteenth
century to the present. F.W. Tompa surveys the types of information
retrieval obtainable using software developed at the University of
Waterloo for the database version of the _Oxford English

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Editorial Board of CCHWP:
Series Editor: T. Russon Wooldridge (French, Toronto)
Associate Editor: Willard McCarty (CCH, Toronto)

Members: Brad Inwood (Classics, University of Toronto)
Douglas A. Kibbee (French, University of Illinois at Urbana)
Ian Lancashire (English, University of Toronto)
Stephen R. Reimer (English, University of Alberta)
William G. Winder (French, University of British Columbia)