6.0159 Linguists' Nameserver (1/64)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 27 Jul 1992 10:19:07 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0159. Monday, 27 Jul 1992.

Date: Mon, 27 Jul 92 15:03 MET
Subject: Linguists' Nameserver


As many of you will know, for the last two years or so a Nameserver for
Linguists, Psycholinguists, Phoneticians, Computer Linguists and other
workers in the Language and Speech Sciences has been available at
There are now about 6500 addresses in the database, representing
the e-mail addresses of about 4000 persons and institutions. In addition
we have recently started recording the FAX addresses of institutions.
Obviously a list such as this is subject to rapid degradation in
quality, as people shift from one institution to another, computer systems
are altered and so on. To ensure that the list remains up to date, and
reasonably complete, we rely on the cooperation of the people on the list itself
to inform us of changes to their own e-mail addresses and those of others.
There are some kind souls who keep us up to date on all the relevant
people at their own institutions, or the people they are regularly in contact
with, but in general we rely on individuals to tell us about their own
This is a reminder to people who have changed e-mail addresses in the
last year to tell us about this, and to others who did not know of our
existence to provide us with their addresses. If your address is in the list
incorrectly, it may well cause delay to people who want to contact you.
This message is being sent to all the language-related discussion
groups we know of, plus the local distribution relay addresses of the
LINGUIST discussion list. This may mean that you get this message two or more
times. Try not to get irritated with us.
To check whether your name is on our list, send the message (subject
line irrelevant):

(replace SURNAME with your own surname)


You should then get back the entry if any which the Nameserver has for you.
If the entry is wrong you have to REMOVE the wrong entry, and ADD the
correct one. Let us say the wrong entry is:

william carmichael: carm@sun202.ptmoresby.pg

and you want to replace it with:

william j carmichael: wjc@marriage-buro.reno.nv.us

Then you require to send the following instructions:

remove carmichael, william: carm@sun202.ptmoresby.pg
add carmichael, william j: wjc@marriage-buro.reno.nv.us

Your entry will now be correct.

NB. There is a help message. To get it send:


NB. To get the whole list, send:

list *

Norval Smith
Institute for General Linguistics
University of Amsterdam