6.0189 Texas Medieval Conference Program (1/468)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 12 Aug 1992 16:24:10 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0189. Wednesday, 12 Aug 1992.

Date: Tue, 11 Aug 1992 14:55:51 CDT
Subject: Texas Medieval Conference Program



Friday 1:00-3:00:

Chaucer I: Chaucer's_Knight's Tale_

Chair: Thomas Hanks, Baylor University

Donna L. Faulkner, U. of Texas at Tyler
'Occluded Vision in_The Knight's Tale'

Markie H. Maddux, Baylor University
'Chaucer's Symmetry in_The Knight's Tale'

Dana Leigh Daniel, Baylor University
'Palamon and Arcite: The Two Sides of the "Knyght"'

Emma Hawkins, U. of North Texas
'The Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and the Drunken Mouse'

Friday 1:00-3:00:

Chaucer II: Chaucerian Connections

Chair: Edwin Conner, Kentucky State University

Camille Lee Hornbeck, Baylor University
'Didactics of the Hortus Conclusus in the Song of Songs and the
"Merchant's Tale"'

Janna Jennings, Baylor University
'Some Are More Equal Than Others: Female Warriors in Chaucer and

Jana Rickey, Baylor University
'Speaking of the Devil...'

Friday 1:00-3:00

Women of Power I: Women of Wisdom

Chair: Theresa Vann, Fordham University

Donna J. Oestreich, Greenville College
'Wise Women Counselors in Medieval Dream-Visions'

Alison Gulley, University of North Carolina
'Deviance, Liminality, and Transgression in the Book of Margery

Jeffrey Coombs, Our Lady of the Lake University
'Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz' Defense of Knowledge'

Rosalind Clark, St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN
'Women and the Power of the Word in Celtic Mythology: Geasa,
Satire, and Prophecy'

Friday 1:00-3:00:

Warfare and Religion in the Central Middle Ages

Chair: Derek Baker, U. of North Texas

Kent Hare, Louisiana State University
'Aparitions and Warfare in Anglo-Saxon England'

Donald Kagay, Texas Medieval Association
'Isabella's Miracle: Mule Transport and Army Supply in the Iberian
Middle Ages'

Randall Rogers, Louisiana State University
'The Italian Maritime Republics and Warfare in the Twelfth Century'

Glenda Warren Carl, Southwestern University at Georgetown
'Structuring Techniques in Battle Scenes of the_Roman de Troie'

Friday 3:00-4:30

Chaucer III: Chaucer's Construction of Language

Chair: Jennifer Goodman, Texas A&M University

Jean E. Jost, Bradley University
'Mismarriage of Youth and Elde: Foreswearing in Chaucer's
"Merchant's Tale"'

Paula M. Johnson, University of Texas at Tyler
'The Nun's Priest's Tale: A Philosophical Cok Tale'

Kathryn Alexander, Texas A&M University
'Chaucer's Construction of Empathy in_The Book of the Duchess'

Friday 3:00-4:30

Woman of Power II: Encoding the Feminine Voice

Chair: Robert Boenig, Texas A&M University

Patricia Timmons, Texas A&M University
'Oral Tradition and Feminine Voice in Medieval Spain: A Reading
of_Isabel de Liar'

James MacDougall, Texas A&M University
'Women as Form: Reflections of Social Frames in Medieval Rhetorics
of the Body'

Samuel L. Gladden, Texas A&M University
'Hildegard's Awakening: A Self-Portrait of Disruptive Excess'

Friday 3:00-4:30

Women of Power III: Feminine Power and Its Representation

Chair: A.W. Carr, Southern Methodist University

Renee Standley, Southern Methodist University
'The Role of Theodora in the Imperial Panels from the Church of San

Rita Paschal, Southern Methodist University
"The Power of Purity: Presentations of Saint Thecia"

Samarra Khaja, Southern Methodist University
"Reflections on Presentations of the Virgin"

Dorothy Shepard, Bryn Mawr

Friday 3:00-4:30

Musical Moments

Chair: Judy Feldman, Dallas

Herbert Turrentine, Southern Methodist University
'The Organ-Shutters of the Master of Perpignan'

Brad Eden, NASA
'Music at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella'

Friday 4:30-5:30

1992 TEMA Conference Opening Address

Isabel the Queen
Peggy Liss, author of Oxford University Press's
Fall 1992 imprint,_Isabel the Queen:
Life and Times_

all auditors are invited to an immediately subsequent

Conference Reception 5:30-7:30

The Meadows Museum, Southern Methodist University

Special Exhibition of Ancient and Medieval Iberian Art
Co-sponsored by Medieval Studies, Meadows Museum, and the
Ariadne Gallery (NYC)

TEMA Feast

Medieval Times: A Dinner, Tournament, and Display
...by subscription only: see Registration Form

Saturday 8:30-10:30

Chaucer IV: The Squire as Lover?

Chair: Thomas Hanks, Baylor University

Amy G. Baria, Baylor University
'What Courtly Love Really Does: "The Squire's Tale" and the
_Carmina Burana'

Edwin L. Conner, Whitney Young College, Kentucky State University
'The Squire's Confession: Chaucer's Portrait of Adolescence as an
Amorous Squire'

Saturday 8:30-10

Women of Power IV: Feminine Rhetoric in Medieval Drama

Chair: Dennis Kratz, U. of Texas at Dallas

Karen Hodges, Texas Woman's University
'Mary the Persuasive Virgin of_N-Town'

Marilyn Keef, Texas Woman's University
'Eve and the Power of Knowledge'

Suzanne Webb, Texas Woman's University
'Women as Resisting Reader in the English Cycle Drama'

Saturday 8:30-10
Medieval Mayhem and Peace-Keeping Gestures

Chair: Zoltan Kostolnyik, Texas A&M University

Victoria Chandler, Georgia College
'The Wreck of the White Ship: A Mass Murder Revealed?'

P. Peter Rebane, Pennsylvania State University
'Amnesty, Pardons and Safe-Conduct Passes in the Middle Ages'

Daniel B. Wells, Univ. of Houston
'Lithuania and the Golden Horde, 1240-1380'

Saturday 8:30-10

Publishing Arthur: The Once and Future

Round Table on publication with Henry H. Peyton (Editor in Chief,
_Quondam et Futurus_); Mildred Leake Day (Executive Editor,_Quondam
et Futurus_); Gary Kuris, Garland Publishers

Saturday 8:30-10

Thomas More


Robert Haynes, Laredo State University
'The Distancing_Exemplum_in Thomas More's_Dialogue of Comfort

Saturday 10:30-12:

Chaucer V: The Physician's Tale

Chair: Sally Vaughn, University of Houston

Nisha Mohammed, Baylor University
'Virginia: Ideal By Whose Definition?'

Jill S. Alexander, Baylor University
'Virginia: Beauty, Beast, and Bondmaid'

Saturday 10:30-12:

New Interpretations of Malory

Chair: Michael Holahan, Southern Methodist University

Jo Boyne, Southern Methodist University
'Parataxis and Causality in Malory's Tale of Sir Launcelot Du Lake'

Robert C. Wilmoth, Southern Methodist University
'The Cuckold and the Community: The Construction of Masculinity in
the Figure of Malory's King Arthur'

Stephen Stallcup, Southern Methodist University
'Things Fall Apart: Narrative Destruction in_The Day of Destiny'

Saturday 10:30-12:

Hagiography and "Hag"iography

Chair: A.W. Carr, Southern Methodist University

Bruce C. Brasington, West Texas State University
'Rheims and 1029 Revisited'

John Howe, Texas Tech University
" "
Marianne Sinram, Tucson
'Faith and Bondage: The Spiritual and Political Meanings of Chains
at Sainte-Foi de Conques'

Elizabeth Nightlinger
'The Female_Imitatio Christi_as a Manifestation of Power in
Medieval Popular Religion'

Saturday 10:30-12:

History of the Medieval Southwest

Chair: Derek Baker, U. of North Texas

Tony Mares, U. of North Texas

Bobby Woodall, U. of North Texas
'The Medieval Parish Priest in North America: A Review of the
Sources for Padre Martinez of Taos'

Saturday Noon-1:15

Luncheon at Southern Methodist University for all Conferees
Conference Keynote Address
"An Evangeliary from Corvey, ca. 970
Robert Maloy, Dallas

Saturday 1:30-3:30:

Chaucer VI: Issues of Power

Chair: Jennifer Goodman, Texas A&M University

Jennifer Blagg, Baylor University
'The "Triumph" of the Third Rioter: Transfer of Power in Chaucer's
Pardoner's Tale'

Melissa Hutcheson, Baylor University
'Sex: An Illusion of Control in The Canterbury Tales'

Saturday 1:30-3:30:

Small Persons, Big Feet, and The Psyche in the Darker Ages

Chair: Jeremy DuQ. Adams

Victor I. Scherb, University of Texas at Tyler
'Inner and Outer, Soul and Society in Wisdom'

Edwin Duncan, Lamar University
'Was Grendel a Bigfoot?'

Katherine Dittmar, Yale University
"Germanic Attitudes and Behavior towards Children in the Early
Middle Ages. (500-842)'

Saturday 1:30-3:30:

Music and Liturgy in Medieval France

Chair: Donna Mayer-Martin, Southern Methodist University

Jennifer Evans, Southern Methodist University
'The Transmission of Trouvere Poetry and Music: Gace Brule's_De
Bone Amour et de Loial'

Catherine Parsoneault, University of Texas at Austin
'Where are the Tenors in Montpellier?'

Rebecca Baltzer, University of Texas at Austin
'Reflections of the Liturgy on the Ste.-Anne Portal of Notre-Dame
of Paris'

Saturday 1:30-3:30:

Teaching Medieval Ideals

Chair: John Mears, SMU (tentative?)

Henry L. Eaton, University of North Texas

Edward J. Coomes, Jr., University of North Texas

Kenneth Shields, Southern Methodist University

Saturday 3:30-5:

New Paradigms

Chair: Derek Baker, U. of North Texas

Susan F. Atefat, Baylor University
'A Possible Eastern Influence on Structure and Theme in The
Canterbury Tales'

D. Thomas Hanks, Jr., Baylor University
'The Parson's Tale: Notes toward a New Historical Reading'

Bruce C. Brasington, West Texas State University
'Working with Gratian's_Decretum'

Saturday 3:30-5

The Pearl Poet

Chair: Jo Goyne, Southern Methodist University

MeLinda Hughes, Texas Tech University
'Goddess, Fairy, or Witch: The Dualistic Nature of Morgan le Fay
in Medieval Literature'

Melanie McClure, Baylor University
'Feminine Chaos in_Sir Gawain and the Green Knight'

Stephanie Kay Barron, Baylor University
'Prosodic Elements and Courtly Love in_Pearl'

Saturday 3:30-5

Mediterranean Religious Politics

Chair: Donald Kagay, TEMA

David Cook, University of Houston
'St. Nicholas I Mystikos, Patriarch or Prince?'

James W. Brodman, University of Central Arkansas
'The King's Ransomers: The Aragonese Crown and the Mercedarian
Order in the 14th Century'

Gavin Hambly, University of Texas at Dallas
'Trespassing in Batu's Domain:: The First Dominican Missions to
the Mongols'

Saturday 3:30-5

Chaucer VII: A Disputation on the Franklin's Tale

Jenniver Goodman, Texas A&M University
Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist University

Home of Jeremy Adams and Bonnie Wheeler
3425 University Blvd, Dallas

...followed by Closing Banquet, (by subscription only)
Han-Chu Restaurant, Dallas


Accomodation will be provided by the Radisson Hotel, 6060 N.
Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75206. Phone: (214) 750-6060. The
special conference rate is $45 plus tax per room (with occupancy
from one to four persons at the room rate). Reservations should be
received before Sept. 1. The optional Medieval Times dinner/event
on Friday is $26 and the banquet at Han Chu Restaurant on Saturday
is $15 plus drinks. Please confirm space for these events prior to
Augustine's Feast Day, August 28th.

Those interested in receiving further information and a Conference
Registration Form should contact: Professor Bonnie Wheeler,
Medieval Studies Program, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
75275-0435. Phone: (214) 521-6996 or 692-2945. Fax: (214) 521-3543
or 692-4129.