6.0204 Job Opening at APA (1/62)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 24 Aug 1992 15:40:06 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0204. Monday, 24 Aug 1992.

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1992 09:44:48 -0400 (66 lines)
From: "David A. Hoekema" <hoekema@brahms.udel.edu>
Subject: Job opening at APA

The following position announcement is posted here in the hope
that it may come to the attention of some readers of HUMANIST who
are not APA members but have relevant qualifications. (It has
been mailed to all members of the American Philosophical
Association and published in shortened form in the July 27
CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION and elsewhere.) Computer facility
would be very desirable, in my judgment--it has extremely useful
to me in the past 8 years.

Anyone who has questions about the position and its
responsibilities is welcome to contact me by e-mail or phone
(addresses below). Application letters and correspondence about
the search should go to the address listed in the announcement.


The American Philosophical Association seeks applications and
nominations for the position of Executive Director. The
Executive Director is the chief admininistrative officer of a
9000-member association which is the principal organization
serving the scholarly needs and representing the professional
interests of philosophers in the United States. Under the
supervision of a Board of Officers, the Executive Director is
responsible for the operation of the national office, for
disbursement and investment of Association funds, for preparation
of the publications of the APA, and for representing the APA in
national consortia concerned with the humanities and higher
education. He or she is assisted by a capable administrative
staff and works closely with the Secretary-Treasurers of the
three Divisions. The position includes half-time appointment and
faculty status in the Philosophy Department of the University of
Delaware, on whose campus the national office is located.

Required: Ph.D. in philosophy or a related field. Highly
desirable: teaching excellence, record of publication,
intellectual breadth, experience in administration, capacity for
leadership, and keen interest in the future of the discipline and
of higher education. Salary negotiable. Term of appointment:
five years, beginning August 1, 1993, or earlier by mutual
agreement; renewable indefinitely. Applicants should send ten
copies each of (1) a letter outlining their qualifications and
goals; (2) a CV or resume; and (3) a list of 5 or more persons
who may be contacted to provide a reference to: Search
Committee, c/o Shirley Anderson, APA, University of Delaware,
Newark, DE 19716. Members are strongly encouraged to submit
nominations, for which purpose a letter containing the nominee's
name and address is sufficient. Review of applications will
begin on Sept. 20, 1992, and will continue until the position is
filled. Members of underrepresented groups are especially
encouraged to apply.


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