6.0224 New England Renaissance Conference (1/221)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Sun, 13 Sep 1992 21:22:12 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0224. Sunday, 13 Sep 1992.

Date: Sat, 12 Sep 1992 16:22:29 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Conference announcement

Renaissance scholars,

The following is an announcement of the next meeting of the New England
Renaissance conference. The announcement is in LaTex and is two pages long.
If you are able to print it out, please post a copy at your local institution.
If you do not have access to LaTeX, or don't know how to use it, or prefer not
to, Patricia Emison, P_EMISON@UNHH.UNH.EDU, and I will be glad to send you a
copy by old fashioned post. I will also be glad to answer any questions. It
is not too difficult to ignore the typesetting commands to get the basic
information if you are in a hurry.

Patricia Emison

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\centerline{\large \sl of the Renaissance Society of America}
\centerline{\em Sponsored by the Center for the Humanities at the
University of New Hampshire}

\centerline{Friday and Saturday, October 9 \& 10, 1992 \hspace{.3in} Durham,

\centerline{\large \bf {THE PROGRAM}}

\centerline{Friday, October 9}

\centerline{Registration and Informal Reception, 1-3 P.M.}
\centerline{{\bf The Woodman Consort:} {\em Music from the Court of Lorenzo
de' Medici}}

\centerline{Welcoming remarks by Dr. Walter Eggers, Vice-President for
Academic Affairs, 3 P.M. }

\centerline{{\bf Session I}}
\centerline{{\large \bf Roland Greene, Harvard University}}

\centerline{{\large \em The International Wyatt, the Imperial Sidney}}


\centerline{{\large \bf Anne van Buren, Tufts University, Retired}}

\centerline{{\large \em The Changing View of History in Fifteenth-Century

\centerline{Chairperson: Elizabeth Hageman}


\centerline{Cocktails and Reception, 5:30 P.M.}

\centerline{Banquet (by reservation), 6:30 P.M.}

\centerline{{\large Evening Speaker: \bf Katharine Park, Wellesley College}}

\centerline{{\large \em Wonders of Nature: Renaissance Science and the Culture
of the Marvelous}}

\centerline{Introduction: William Jones}

\centerline{{\bf The Hampshire Consort:} {\em Music of the Age of


\centerline{Saturday, October 10}

\centerline{Coffee and Doughnuts, 9:00 A.M.}

\centerline{{\bf Session II}}

\centerline{\large \bf Marcia Hall, Temple University}

\centerline{\large {\em 1492: Florentine Art at the Time of the Death of Lorenzo

\centerline{\large \bf Guido Ruggiero, University of Connecticut}

\centerline{\large {\em The Abbot's Concubine: Illicit Sex and Microstrategies
of Power at the
End of the Renaissance}}

\centerline{Chairperson: Patricia Emison}


\centerline{Luncheon buffet (by reservation), 12 noon}


{{\Large The New England Renaissance Conference}\\
{ of the \large\em Renaissance Society of America}\\[.8ex]
\makebox[.1in]{}Center for the Humanities\\[-.3ex]
\makebox[.1in]{}University of New Hampshire\\[-.3ex]
\makebox[.1in]{}Durham, New Hampshire\ \ 03824}

\vspace*{2.1 in}
Adamo Scultori after Michelangelo, from the Sistine lunette\\[-.07in]
inscribed Aminadab, B. 86. Collection of P. Emison.}


{\bf \large Hotels offering group rate:}\\
Please book directly with hotel before Sept. 9 and identify yourself as
a member of the New England Renaissance Conference.\\
{\bf New England Center}. On campus. 603-862-2801.
(\$39 $+$ tax, single or double).\\
{\bf Anchorage Motor Inn, Rochester}. 603-332-3350. Exit 12 off Spaulding
(\$45.95 single, \$55.95 double $+$ tax).

{\bf \large Hotels not offering group rate:} \\
{\bf Friendship Inn in Dover}, 603-742-4100;
{\bf Days Inn in Dover}, 603-742-0400. Both \$54 single $+$ tax.

{\bf \large Directions to Conference Site:}\\
The Thompson School of Applied Science, UNH, is on the right side of Mast
Road, with parking behind.

{\em \large From Boston:} Take 95N to Portsmouth. Take the left lane
Exit~4 to Spaulding Turnpike and Route~4. Take exit~6W from Spaulding to
Route~4. Take exit for Route 108 and turn left. After gas stations, bear
right. Road turns right past Post Office. At traffic island, bear left.
Turn right (west) onto Main St. Follow Main Street west over railroad
tracks, turn right on Mast Road.

{\em \large From points southwest:} Take 495 until it joins 95 and then
proceed as {\em From Boston}.

{\em \large From Portland:} take 95 south to Portsmouth. Take exit 5,
following signs to Spaulding Turnpike and Route 4. Then as {\em From

{\em \large From points due west:} Take Route 4 east. Take exit for 155A
and go right. Continue straight, and turn left at second sign for Mast
Rd., after greenhouses.

{\bf \large Bus service:} C \& J Trailways, 603-868-7097. Out of
state, call 800-258-7111.

{\bf \large REGISTRATION:}\\
Please make checks payable to the Center for the Humanities, UNH, and
return registration as soon as possible to:\\
NERC, Center for the Humanities, Murkland Hall, UNH, Durham, N.H. 03824.\\
Guest tickets for dinner and lunch may be purchased, subject to
For further information, call Patricia Emison, 603-868-5768.

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\makebox[1in][r]{Name:\ }\rule{3in}{.2mm}

\makebox[1in][r]{Address:\ }\rule{3in}{.2mm}


\mbox{Registration} & \$ & 6 \\
\mbox{Late Registration (after September 25)} & \$ & 12 \\
\mbox{Dinner, Friday evening} & \$ & 23 \\
\mbox{Luncheon, Saturday} & \$ & 12 \\
& & \\
\mbox{Total:} & \$ & \rule{.3in}{.2mm}