6.0240 Announcement: ISU Conference in Warsaw (1/170)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 21 Sep 1992 07:29:26 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0240. Monday, 21 Sep 1992.

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 18:14 CET
From: "Nieuwazny, W., Main Library DP Gro" <WACNIE@PLWATU21.BITNET>
Subject: (COPY) Nov. 6-8,1992 Warsaw : ISU 3-rd Anniv. Meeting

Dear Humanist people :
As a Universalist to be, volunteered for e-mail support of our
( International Society for Universalism ) 1-st World Congress,
I have just dared to foward the following announcement to the
3 discussion groups in the humanisties: HEGEL, NSP-l, DERRIDA.
In the Bitnet List of list I have spotted half a year ago 3 - 5
list in philosophy proper, but they seem changing either site or
names. Could you - in addition of reacting to the message below -
suggest some 3 - 4 currently operational discussion list, perhaps
more suitable for the kind of announcement I am distributing ?

Apologising for too long an info,

Waclaw P. Nieuwazny

Main Library DP Group
Warsaw Univ. of Technology
E-mail : wacnie@plwatu21.bitnet

Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 17:50 PDT
To: "Noble Savage Phil. Grupa" <NSP-l@rpiecs.bitnet>
From: "Nieuwazny, W., Main Library DP Gro" <WACNIE>
Subject: (COPY) Nov. 6-8,1992 Warsaw : ISU 3-rd Anniv. Meeting

Dear Noble & Savage people :
I just have sent the info like the one being forwarded to you - to HEGEL
and DERRIDA discussion groups, in a hope of reaching some people who
are optimistic enough, like the Universalists seem to be. Is it true
that due to numerous influences from Rousseau's heritage - the three
varieties of philosophising human beings : Derridaists, Hegelians
and some among your subscribers - would like to see what this

U n i v e r s a l i s m

is all about?

Remaining quite uncertain whether there still is any hope for federalist
attitude in this Central/Eastern Europe and eager to hear/meet some
of you in Warsaw Congress one day in Aug. 1993, thanking you cordially

Waclaw P. Nieuwazny

e-mail : wacnie@plwatu21.bitnet

PS. I have recently acquired some French lang. literature ( it was
Rene Girard's 2 major works + one when Chomsky discusses with
Piaget and Rene Thom; unless some local catastrophe here is able
to disturbe me, I'm really going to become less Hegelian/Derride'an
and more natural, perhaps savage if not yet that much Noble .)


Date: Thu, 17 Sep 92 17:29 PDT
To: "Grupa Dyskus. Derrida" <Derrida@cfrvm.bitnet>
From: "Nieuwazny, W., Main Library DP Gro" <WACNIE>
Subject: Nov. 6-8,1992 Warsaw : ISU 3-rd Anniv. Meeting

Dear member of Derrida discussion group:

The following message brings highlights of November Meeting of ISU -
International Society for Universalism, established in 1989, which is just
going to have its First World Congress, to be held in August 1993 in Warsaw
Should you become interested in either becoming a member of ISU and/or
take part in the 1993 World Congress of ISU - additional information is
available :

i) Invitation for joining ISU
ii) Preliminary Announcement about the ISU 1st World Congress

please drop a line or two to :

Waclaw P. Nieuwazny
Main Library DP Group
Warsaw Univ. of Technology
Pl. Politechniki 1
00-661 Warszawa POLAND e-mail : wacnie@plwatu21.bitnet

PS. Note, that Universalists are very often knowledgeable in Hegelian
philosophy, and hence very likely to become interested in Derrida's
heritage, too. Is the reverse also true? Likely? Check for yourself !

Waclaw P. Nieuwazny ,

International Society for Universalism ( ISU ) established 1989 |

Office of the Secretary Office of the President Office of the Treasurer
Michael H. Mitias Janusz Kuczynski Albert A. Anderson
Department of Philosophy Dialogue and Humanism Babson College
Millsaps College Warsaw University Wellesley, MA 02157, USA
Jackson, MS 39210, USA 00-047 Warszawa, Poland phone (617) 239-4502
phone (601) 974-1331 phone (48-22) 26 45 67 fax (617) 239-4321
fax (601) 974-1082 fax 267520, tlx 815439 UW PL tlx 948069

ISU e-mail information about Nov. 6 - 8, 1992 Anniversary Meeting in Warsaw **
in preparation for its 1st World Congress (also in Warsaw, Aug. 1993 )*******

Warsaw, September 1, 1992

Dear Colleagues :

We have the pleasure of inviting you, at the 3rd anniversary of our ISU
movement, to the Center of Universalism, Warsaw University, November 6-8 1992
for a workshop, the purpose of which is to outline the preparations for the
FIrst World Congress of Universalism, to be held Aug. 15 - 20, 1993.

We plan a preliminary open discussion on some of the main topics of the
Congress :

a) New Young Europe - Europe as a Greece of the 3rd Millenium World, as a
continent of pluralism and dialogue, of multilevel identification and conjun-
ctive thinking, synergy of differences and even of contradictions, especially
between the countries of former antagonistic blocks, of the ways to reconcili-
ation. The imperative of co-creation of the European consciousness: the new mo-
rality, compassion and World solidarity - against nationalism, nihilism, tota-
We have also invited the authors of "Global Perspectives of Europe" (Dialec-
tics and Humanism, No 1, 1985), Perspectives on Contemporary Youth (Tokyo, UNU:
1988) and "Polishness, Europeanness, Universalism" (Dialogue and Humanism, No 3
- 4, 1991). We can send you any of these for U.S. 10.00 an issue).

b) Universalism as Synergetic Sublation to Postmodernism: The Quest for In-
tegration of Sciences, Cultures and Societes for a New, Multidimensional and
Global Synthesis.

c) John Paul II's vision of Universal Society: Labour Science - Capital, in
Catholic, Protestant & Secular Interpretations (especially "Laborem exercens").
This last topic will be discussed on Sunday, Nov. 8, at 4 pm, also with bu-
sinessmen, social experts and leaders of trade unions.

On Nov. 8 we will also discuss the first draft of the programme for World
Congress of ISU and elect Congress Organizing Committee, its Board and consti-
tute Network of European Research. Participation fee for the November workshop
is U.S. 200 ( if paid by October 15) and U.S. 250 afterwards, which will
cover all costs of the participants' stay in Warsaw ( 4 nights: Nov. 5 - 9,
meals, reception and concert).

Should you not be able to attend, please be so kind and let us know your
remarks, criticism or perhaps an outline of your participation in the ISU
research and activities, likely topic of your contribution for the 1st World
Congress of Universalism - a meeting ground of Dialogue, Synergy and a Way to

Cordially yours,

Prof. dr. Janusz Kuczynski

Prof. dr John Mayer *)

*) Visiting Professor, centre of Universalism, Warsaw U. 1992-1993

PS. At the time of your arrival we can meet you at the airport.

.................... end of ISU message from Warsaw ........................