6.0265 Qs: Old French; Rome etc.; 1st ed. OED online (3/66)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0265. Saturday, 3 Oct 1992.

(1) Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1992 10:54 EST (26 lines)
Subject: Query

(2) Date: Thu, 1 Oct 92 21:45:25 -0500 (21 lines)
From: kevink@emx.cc.utexas.edu
Subject: Rome, imperialism, Alexander,4ad music

(3) Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 14:40 EDT (19 lines)
From: HUTCHERE@snypotva.bitnet
Subject: "oed query"

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Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1992 10:54 EST
Subject: Query

The Reformation Research seminar at Princeton Theological Seminary,
taught by Prof. Jane Dempsey Douglass, is reading several sermons and
selections from commentaries by Jean Calvin in the French original. While
every seminar participant reads French adequately, no one has specialized in
sixteenth-century French. Beyond obvious orthographical and semantic shifts
(for which Robert is adequate for our modest needs), might anyone suggest a
helpful text or lexicon which would summarize or list significant French
usages and meanings in this time period? My initial searches have resulted
only in texts intended for Romance linguists --I have the sneaking feeling that
I'm missing something obvious. Merci beaucoup!

Gavin Ferriby "Are you not," a Rugby master
Librarian/Cataloguer, Drew University had asked [future Archbishop
Ph.D. student, Dept. of Church History William Temple] in discussing
Princeton Theological Seminary one of his [schoolboy] essays,
(201) 408-3671 "a little out of your depth
pferriby@drew.drew.edu here?" "Perhaps, Sir," was the
confident reply, "but I can

For the errors of fact, lapses of judgement, and biases above I bear sole
responsibility, which I will duck as soon as possible.
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Date: Thu, 1 Oct 92 21:45:25 -0500
From: kevink@emx.cc.utexas.edu
Subject: Rome, imperialism, Alexander,4ad music

I am new to the discussion group and I am looking for correspondence with
persons whose interests include:

The decline and/or decay of modern and ancient civilizations.
The imperial overstretch theory (Paul Kennedy)
Ancient Rome (after 2c. ad)

I am also looking for a good book (the more sensation the better) on
Alexander the Great's conquests.

Also, anyone interested in music either on the 4ad label or with the 4ad

Please write! kevink@emx.cc.utexas.edu

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Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 14:40 EDT
From: HUTCHERE@snypotva.bitnet
Subject: "oed query"

I am interested in learning whether anyone out there
has a copy of the OED CD-rom 1st edition
which he/she would like to sell?
I am told that this edition is no longer available for sale
from the usual sources. The *new*, 2nd edition,
which is currently being marketted works only with windows.
Since I am blind and use adaptive equipment,
windows and other such graphics interfaces
are out of the question.
So, if anyone is upgrading and wishes to dispose of OED 1st, at a
reasonable price, plea1se contact me.
richard Hutcheson
<hutchere@snypotva> BITNET
Phone: 315-267-2587