6.0271 Oxford Text Archive Update (1/85)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Tue, 6 Oct 1992 12:46:56 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0271. Tuesday, 6 Oct 1992.

Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1992 11:00:07 +0100
From: Oxford Text Archive <archive@vax.ox.ac.uk>
Subject: Oxford Text Archive: October Update

Since the last complete list of our holdings was posted to HUMANIST at
the beginning of August, the following texts of particular interest to
HUMANIST readers have found their way into the Archive:

OTA ref U-1706-A
author Gay, John
title The beggar's opera
depositor Richard Bear
inst_name U of Oregon

B.W Huebsch 1922 edition, transciption of the 1765 printed edition

OTA ref U-1707-A
author CORPORA
title Ancient Hebrew inscriptions
depositor Dr G.I. Davies
inst_name U of Cambridge

Corpus of Hebrew inscriptions before 200 B.C. Machine readable version
of G.I Davies, Ancient Hebrew Inscriptions: Corpus & Concordance
(Cambridge Univ. Press, 1991). Supplements to be added as they appear and
are incorporated into the Canbridge database. Full details of
conventions used are available.

OTA ref P-1708-E
author CORPORA
title Susanne Corpus
depositor Geoffrey Sampson
inst_name U of Sussex

A 128,000 word subset of the Brown Corpus of American English annotated
in accordance with the Susanne scheme (as defined in "English for the
Computer" by Geoffrey Sampson, OUP, 1992) Aspects of the annotation
scheme have been decided in such a way as to facilitate a move to TEI
conformance in later releases. This version of the corpus is available
via anonymous ftp from the Archive's Oxford server.

OTA ref U-1709-C
author Joyce, James
title Finnegans Wake
depositor David J. Wilson

>From the Faber & Faber 1964 edition preserving line and page breaks
of the original. Eventually we hope to make both these Joyce texts TEI
conformant and available via anonymous ftp from Oxford.

OTA ref U-1710-C
author Joyce, James
title Ulysses
depositor David J. Wilson

>From the Bodley Head 1960 edition (with minor references to the Penguin
edition, the 1971 Bodley head reprint and Gallimard 1948 French edition)
Page numbers are not preserved.

OTA ref U-1711-A
author Van Dyke, Henry
title The story of the other wise man
depositor K. McMahon
inst_name U of Strathclyde

Harper & Bros. edition of 1907. Plain ASCII text with no markup.

And, coming very shortly, text 1712 : a collection of campaign speeches
candidate biographies and other political propaganda from the US
Presidential Election. So far we've only been able to gather material
from candidates Bush and Clinton, but there's no shortage of that. If
anyone knows where we can get the collected thoughts of Chairman Perot
in electronic form, please tell us. Not.

Alan Morrison and Lou Burnard
Oxford Text Archive

Among other files now available for anonymous FTP from
black.ox.ac.uk []:
/ota/textarchive.info : general information about the Archive
(mission, order form etc)
/ota/textarchive.list : current short list
/ota/textarchive.sgml : same thing, in SGML