6.0287 E-Texts: Updated Information from Georgetown (1/256)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Sun, 11 Oct 1992 21:52:24 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0287. Sunday, 11 Oct 1992.

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1992 11:25 EDT
From: NEUMAN@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu
Subject: Etext: Updated Information from Georgetown

In a recent posting, Maurizio Lana asked for current information
about twelve centers that he saw listed in Georgetown's Catalogue
of Projects in Electronic Text. For seven of those projects, new
information from project directors has been entered into the
Catalogue within the past week. See the updated entries below.

In the same posting, Prof. Lana mentioned that he found some of our
data erroneous, such as our reference to a textbank of *de bello
gallico* at the Laboratoire d'Analyse Statistique des Langues
Anciennes. As the entry in our database shows, that information is
based upon E. Mark Goldstein, Research by Computer in the
Humanities: Applications in the Study of Classics and Modern
Literature in Robert F. Allen, ed., Data Bases in the Humanities
and Social Sciences (Osprey, FL: Paradigm Press, 1985).

Given the date of that publication, our information may now be
obsolete; a textbank used for linguistic analysis seven years ago
may no longer be included in LASLA's holdings. We appreciate Prof.
Lana's pointing out the likelihood of an error, and we welcome
clarification on this item or on any other information in our database.

Michael Neuman
Center for Text and Technology
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057

Key to the following entries:
0. Acronym 5. Languages
1. Name of project 6. Intended use
2. Contact 7. Format of holdings
3. Disciplines 8. Forms of access
4. Focus 9. Sources

PA Villanova (Villanova Univ)/ Augustine Concordance Project
[Fitzgerald letters 8/89, 04/90, 12aug92]
1. Augustine Concordance Project, Villanova University; also
University of Wu%rzburg and University of Giessen;
developed at Wu%rzburg by Prof. Cornelius Mayer, O.S.A.
2. Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, O.S.A.
Department of Religious Studies
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19805
tel. (215) 645-7903
BITNET: fitzgeral@vuvaxcom
INTERNET: fitzgeral@ucis.vill.edu
3. History of Christian life and thought; early Christian
history, theology, philosophy, political science
4. Augustine of Hippo, 4th-5th centuries AD, North Africa
5. Latin
6. Textbank of 5 million words for scholarly research, can
be searched for various kinds of information, e.g use and
frequency of specific words and/or phrases.
7. Chronologically sequential ASCII file with COCOA
reference system; Latin critical editions identified in
line-by-line 9-digit codes
8. Access on VAX/VMS mainframe exclusively at Villanova
University using the Oxford Concordance Program;
clearly defined searches can be performed by Villanova
personnel through mail request, (diskettes should be
provided for returning information). Pre-arranged on-site
consultations are also possible.
9. Encoded by Prof. Cornelius Mayer, currently at University
of Giessen, West Germany
10. Complete works of Saint Augustine of Hippo [Latin]
according to available critical editions.

NC Durham (Duke Univ)/ DDBDP = Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri
[Hughes, BBBS 579, Willis letter 23jul92]
1. Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri, Duke University
2. William H. Willis, Director
John F. Oates, Co-directors
Papyrology Room, Perkins Library
PO Box 4715 Duke Station
Durham, NC 27706
tel. (919) 684-5753
3. Papyrology, Greek and Latin language, Graeco-Roman Egypt,
ancient history, Biblical koine, Ptolemaic and Roman law
4. 4th century BC to 8th century AD; documents written on
papyrus, parchment, ostraca, wooden or waxed tablets
5. Greek, Latin
6. Textbank currently contains 4.1 million words in 36700
documents from 412 volumes, 94% complete, entry continues
7. Beta format like TLG, recorded on Ibycus system
8. Tape, 1600 bpi, ASCII or EBCDIC, fixed or variable record
block. PHI CD ROM no. 6 (recorded 5 April 1991) contains
375 volumes, 32400 documents, 3.5 million words,
available from Packard Humanities Institute; subsequent
entry on tape available at cost from DDBDP
9. Published volumes of documentary papyri,ostraca and
tablets as listed in Checklist of Editions of Greek and
Latin Papyri, Ostraca and Tablets, 4th ed. forthcoming
from Scholars Press

DC Washington (Catholic Univ)/Electronic Edition of Prudentius
[letter from McCarthy 10/89]
1. Electronic edition of Prudentius, Catholic University of
2. Prof. William J. McCarthy
Department of Greek and Latin
Catholic University
Washington, D.C. 20064
tel. (202) 319-5216 (new telephone number)
3. Language and literature
4. Poetry of and bibliography concerning Prudentius
5. Latin, English
6. Textbase, database, and bibliography; data fields for
text, appartus criticus, translation, bibliography;
scanned images are used occasionally to illustrate
iconography, etc.
7. Sequential text and data base; HyperCard stacks; 1.5
megabytes; text scanned using a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet
Plus connected to a Macintosh IIx; text scanned by
OmniPage 2.0
8. Stacks available by mail (Spring 1990); possible Network
transmission in fragments
9. Text editions: Cunnigham, for quality of print, compared
with Bergman, Lavarenne, etc. Orthography follows
Bergman; translation of the poems, scanned from Loeb
edition, will appear if permission of the publisher can
be secured.

NC Chapel Hill (Univ of NC at Chapel Hill) / Data Bank for Ancient
Greek Inscriptions (DBAGI)
[West letter 22aug92]
DBAGI has been discontinued because of availability of
electronic texts of these inscriptions and others on CD-
ROM#6 of the Packard Humanities Institute. For more info,
contact the following, or see their entries.
Packard Humanities Institute
300 Second Street, Suite 201
Los Altos, CA 94022
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
University of California at Irvine
Irvine, CA 92717

Germany / Bamberg (Otto Friedrich Universita%t)/ Thesaurus of Texts
in Ancient Indo-European Languages
[Kraft email 5/24/89; Gippert letters 11/89, 9/5/91, 1sep92]
0. THESIETEXT (Thesaurus of Texts in Ancient Indo-European
1. Thesaurus Indogermanischer Textcorpora; Universitat
Bamberg, Germany See Journal "Die Sprache," Vol. 32/2
2. Dr. Jost Gippert
Universita%t Bamberg, Orientalistik
Postfach 1549
D-W-8600 Bamberg, Germany
3. Literature, language, linguistics, history
4. From beginning of literacy to 17th century; Eurasia
5. Old Indic (Sanskrit), Old Iranian (Avestan, Old Persian),
Hittite, Tokharian, Old Germanic, Greek (Ancient), Italic
languages, Armenian (Old), and several other I.- E.
6. Textbank
7. Sequential text; encoding scheme of DOS, WordCruncher,
and WordPerfect 5.1
8. Access on diskettes, CD-ROM (planned)
9. Encoded by various scholars in different parts of Europe.

Germany / Go%ttingen (Institut fu%r Spezialforschungen)/ Syriac
Concordance Project
[Zellweger fax 08/01/91, 27jul92]
0. SCP
1. Syriac Concordance Project, Universitaet Go%ttingen,
Institut fur Spezialforschungen (W. Strothmann, J.
Martikainen, K. Johannes, M. Zumpe, R. Zellweger). See:
W. Strothmann K. Johannes / M. Zumpe : Konkordanz zur
Syrischen Bibel.
2. Roald A. Zellweger
Institut fur Spezialforschungen
Platz der Go%ttinger Sieben 2
D-3400 Go%ttingen Germany
Tel: +49-551-39-7127
Bitnet: Rzellwe@Dgogwdg1
Internet: rzellwe@ibm.gwdg.de
3. Biblical studies, linguistics
4. Biblical
5. Syriac
6. Concordance to the Syriac Bible (Peshitta, Old Versions
of the Syriac New Testament, Heraclensis), database.
7. Single word listing of the analysed wwords (Old Testament
only) in ISPF-Format, Fortran programs for decoding code
of analysis, CMS text source files of Peshitta, Old
Syriac Versions, Heraclensis.
9. Encoded in-house. Sources: Urmia, Walton, Syriac New
Testament (ed.: Pusey-Gwilliam, British and Foreign Bible
Society, Revelation ed. Gwynn), Sinaiticus (Smith-Lewis),
Cureton, Heraclensis (ed. White, "Philoxeniana," new
critical edition of Heraclensis in preparation),
Revelation ed. Voeoebus.

Quebec (Laval Univ)/ BIBP = Bibliographic Information Base in
[Kraft email 5/24/89; Roberge letters 12/89, 20jul92]
0. BIBP (Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics)
1. Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics, Laval
University. See "Une banque d'information
bibliographique en patristique," Medieval History and
Computers, Munich (New York, Londres, Paris), K.G. Saur,
1981, pp. 24-34; "Bibliographic Information Bank in
Patristics (BIBP)" dans Data Bases on the Humanities and
Social Sciences, Osprey, Paradigm Press, 1985; "Principes
d'elaboration d'un systeme documentaire en patristique",
Studia Patristica, tome XX, pp. 54-60
2. Rene-Michel Roberge
Faculte de Theologie
Pavilion Felix-Antoine-Savard
Universite Laval
Quebec, Canada
G1K 7P4
Tel. (418) 656-5828
3. Patristics and its sub-disciplines: archaeology,
iconography, epigraphy, papyrology, codicology, history
of christianity, history of theology, history of the
councils, history of liturgy, history of spirituality,
history of monasticism, history of biblical exegesis,
hagiography, philology of Christian texts, history of
Christian philosophy.
4. Patristic period -- 1054.
5. French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch
6. Bibliographical service (with keywords and abstract),
base for the creation of research instruments, and
vocabulary analyses; 250 periodicals, 25,000 studies, and
55,000 reviews have been documented
7. Database excerpts on the Helix II application MacBIBP.
Documentary analysis: document analyzed by means of
descriptors (key-words), which are classed as primary and
secondary descriptors according as the subjects they
denote are central or peripheral; anaylsis by means of an
indicative abstract. Thesaurus of the BIBP: an open
thesaurus wherein the terms listed are empirically
arrived at; is purely objective since it is established
automatically by the computer; multilingual
8. Access via print, Macintosh diskettes; in the near future
access on BITNET; in the future on CD-ROM and IBM
9. Direct analysis of the documents.