6.3225 Warbury Institute Research Fellowships 1993-94 (1/91)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 3225. Tuesday, 27 Oct 1992.

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1992 19:44:21 -0400
From: warkent@epas.utoronto.ca (Germaine Warkentin)
Subject: Warburg Institute Fellowships

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The Warburg Institute is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of
the classical tradition -- in the sense of those elements in European
thought, art and institutions that have evolved out of the cultures of
the ancient world. Its library and Photographic Collection are
designed and arranged to encourage research into the processes by
which one culture learns from another and by which different fields of
thought and art act on each other. They are particularly concerned
with continuities between the ancient Mediterrangean civilizations and
the cultural and intellectual history of post-classical Europe,
especially in the period to c. 1800.

The following Fellowships in intellectual and cultural history will be
tenable at the Warburg Institute in the 1993-94 session:

Brian Hewson Crawford Fellowship: a short-term fellowship is
available for the study of any aspect of the classical tradition.
Under the terms of the deed, the Felloship is open to European
scholars other than of British nationality.

Henri Frankfort Scholarship. In memory of the Institute's Director
1949-54. The Fellowship may be held in any of the areas in which
Professor Frankfort made his distinguished contributions to
scholarship: the intellectual and cultural history of the ancient Near
and Middle East, with particuliar reference to society, art,
architecture, religion, philosophy and science; the relations between
the culturs of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aegean, and their influence
on later civilizations. The Fellowship is not intended to support
archaeological excavation.

Frances A. Yates Fellowships: bequeathed by the late Dame Frances
Yates. Fellows' interest may lie in any aspect of cultural and
intellectual history but, other things being equal, preference will be
given to those whose work is concerned with those areas of the
medieval and Renaissance encylopedia of knowledge to which Dame Frances
herself made such distinguished contributions. A long-term and
approximately six short-term Fellowships are available.

Eligibility: The Fellowships are intended for younger scholars who
should have completed at least two years' research towards the
doctorate. Those employed as Professor, Lecturer, or equivalent in a
university or learned institution may normally hold an award only if
they are taking unpaid leave for the whole of the period. May not be
held concurrently with another Fellowship or award. Applicants must
normally have been under 35 years of age on 1 October 1992.
Applicants may not teach elsewhere during tenure of an award except
in special circumstances and with the express permission of the Director.

Requirements: all applicants will be expected to participate in the
life of the Institute, to advise the Library and Photographic
Collection and to present their work in a seminar.

Duration and value: Long-term: up to three years; not normally
renewable. Value in the range 7,000-9,500 pounds sterling, according
to age and qualifications; taxable; National Insurance contributions required.
Short term: one to three months duration: applicants domiciled in UK,
1,500 pounds for three months (shorter periods not available);
applicants domiciled abroad, 750 pounds for one month, 1,250 for two
months, 1,650 for three months; no additional travel costs or expenses.

Tenure: Short-term fellowships may not be held wholly in University
vacations; at least 3/4 of any tenure must fall within term: 4 October
- 10 December 1993; 10 January - 18 March 1994; 25 April - 1 July 1994.

Selection: Long-term: short-listed candidates will be interviewed in late
February or early March. Short term: No interviews.

Closing date: 4 December, 1992; Notification: March, 1993.

Applications should include: 1) full c.v.; 2) outline of prposed research; 3)
particulars of other grants received for the same subject; 4) names and
addresses of three referees whom the _applicant_ has requested to
write on his/her behalf; letters should reach the Director not later
than 4 January, 1993; 5) indication of which Fellowship you wish to be
considered for; if applying from abroad, specify how long you wish to
spend at the Institute; 6) copies of published work, if possible;
please indicate if these are to be returned or if they may be given to
the Institute's Library.

To submit applications or for further information, contact: The
Secretary and Registrar, The Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London
WC1H 0AB, England.

Germaine Warkentin warkent@epas.utoronto.ca
English, Victoria College, University of Toronto