6.0340 Hermeneutics Bibliography Available (1/62)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0340. Thursday, 5 Nov 1992.

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The Religious Studies Publications Journal - CONTENTS

Volume 1.099 Release of HERMENEUTICS Bibliography ISSN 1188-5734
November 2, 1992

>>> New Religious Studies Bibliography Now Available <<<

The bibliography, _Hermeneutics_, (Volume Two from the forthcoming
CONTENTS Project bibliographic series, _Christian Doctrines:
Approaches in the Human Sciences_), by Douglas Rayment, University
of Ottawa, is now available via FTP as a Postscript file and as a
low ASCII text via Listserv and FTP. Volume Two is 30 pages in

>>> Retrieval Information <<<

This bibliography is freely available via the international
academic networks (BITNET/Internet) from the CONTENTS Project
fileserver via FTP from the node panda1.uottawa.ca (
in the directory /pub/religion/ as the files:

hermeneutics-biblio.ps (Postscript file)
hermeneutics-biblio.ps.Z (Unix compressed Postscript file)
hermeneutics-biblio.txt (low ASCII text)

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This bibliography is also available as a low ASCII text via the
CONTENTS Project Listserv fileserver as the file:


from Listserv@uottawa or Listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca


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