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Wed, 2 Dec 1992 21:37:27 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0374. Wednesday, 2 Dec 1992.

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 92 15:07:13 MST
From: epalmer@CC.UTAH.EDU
Subject: Please post: New historical archive of electronic texts

Subject: Call for Texts, for the American Philosophical Association
Electronic Text Archive Project

The Committee on Computer Use of the American Philosophical Association
is organizing a new archive of classic historical texts in philosophy and
in the history of science in the electronic medium. The goal is to make
the texts freely available to scholars on an open computer server,
accessible by the Internet. If you wish to contribute texts, or expect
that you know of resources that the organizers would not know of, please
contact Eric Palmer, preferably by e-mail, at epalmer@cc.utah.edu, or by
paper mail at the Department of Philosophy, University of Utah, Salt Lake
City, Utah, 84112.

Contributors and interested parties:
At this point, information you send will simply be filed, and
re-distributed to others who put queries to me; what form the text project
will finally take is yet to be determined, primarily by members of the
sub-committee on electronic texts (currently, David Owen, Leslie
Burkholder, Allen Renear, Charles Young, Geoffrey Sayre-McCord, Syun
Tutiya, Saul Traiger, Eric Palmer, and David Stern). At best, submitted
texts will be posted and available by 'anonymous file transfer protocol',
a system that will allow free access by the Internet to users for whatever
philosophical texts others choose to allow to be posted. At least, and to
begin with, the information will provide an information resource to allow
others to contact those who have the texts (queries only by e-mail, no
queries before January, please!). The full resource should take form by
the summer of 1993, and be continuously updated after that time.
If you wish that I not make generally available at this time any or all
what you write to me, please let me know and I will keep the information in
confidence. Those who do not wish to submit texts to the archive, but
would like the existence of the texts they have more generally known, are
also encouraged to reply.

Please do not send texts at this point; please feel free to include in your
accounting texts that you expect to have available within the next year.
Reply by electronic mail if possible. Please include:

Authors, titles, and translations where applicable

Individuals, departments and institutions involved in the project

If this is part of a larger project, expected timetable for completion of
various aspects of the project; amount completed already

Grants and funds applied for; rejections, acceptances, and expectations
(this will allow us to inform others of likely funding sources)

To the best of your knowledge, is this resource in the public domain?
(Almost all texts/translations before 1917 are public domain; others may


Eric Palmer

Please send correspondences directly to me: do not post them on this list.

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