6.0383 Conference: Performance, Ritual & Shamanism (1/237)

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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0383. Wednesday, 2 Dec 1992.

Date: 21 Nov 1992 05:12:48 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: CONFERENCE-Performance, Ritual & Shamanism

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Performance, Practical Sessions, Papers, Films, Discussion

A major gathering of key practitioners and
academics from around the world with guest
contributors and workshop leaders from Europe, the
Americas, Asia and Africa

Friday, 8 January 1993 6.00 pm start
Saturday, 9 January, all day and evening
Sunday, 10 January, until 5.00 pm

at the

Cardiff, Wales.


This three-day conference will focus on:

-Contemporary western theatre/ performance work and its convergences with
recent theoretical and experiential developments in ritual and
shamanistic studies.

Some of these recent developments include:

-changing attitudes to the role of the spectator in the creation of
contemporary performance works which use ritual and shamanistic forms as a
vehicle for social and spiritual cohesion;

-practical explorations within ritual/shamanism/theatre workshops
including such activities as the performance of ethnographic texts;

-examining relationships between traditional forms and emergent ritual
and shamanic activities in indigenous cultures;

-re-definitions of spirituality which propose a reconstruction of a
consciousness that can embrace simultaneously the contradictions of
reverence (tradition) and iconoclasm (subversion).


The study of ritual and shamanic forms and practices has had an important
impact on the aesthetics and direction of theatre experimentation
throughout the 20th century and continues to influence contemporary work in
both the visual and performing arts. Drawing in particular on
anthropological and ethological research, as well as on the area of
neoritualistic/ shamanistic studies, this POINTS OF CONTACT conference -
Performance, Ritual and Shamanism - has been organised in order to identify
where recent experiments have taken us and what might be possible in the

The programme will include: the presentation of papers by specialists in the
three areas, performance, ritual and shamanism; interdisciplinary panel
discussions; the screening of seldom seen ethnographic film; live work by
contemporary performance artists, Alastair MacLennan and Nick Stewart,
whose performance work has been influenced by ritual and shamanic forms;
smaller group working sessions which will involve a degree of practical and
participational work lead by the contributors; and opening and closing
statements from conference chair Christopher Innes.

In addition, Alessandro Fersen will be present to discuss and demonstrate his
technique of Mnemodrama, "a shamanic experience of death and rebirth."
Although Fersen's work has been studied by people such as Julian Beck, Peter
Brook and Jerzy Grotowski, it is not well known. His presence at this POINTS
OF CONTACT conference will provide a rare opportunity for participants to
become acquainted with his work.

By convening and exchanging fresh ideas alongside practice, POINTS OF
CONTACT: Performance, Ritual and Shamanism will aim to engage participants and
contributors in a multilogue relating the study and practice of ritual and
shamanism to performance theory and avant-garde performance/ theatre. The
conference will be organised to enable all participants, as far as possible,
to play a significant part in the formation of its findings, all of which will
certainly be important for the future.

The full list of contributors is not yet finalised, but the following have
confirmed their participation in the event. As yet to be confirmed, there
will be a small group of practitioners and specialists from Korea and Japan.

>From Abroad:

Etzel Cardena - USA
Alessandro Fersen - Italy
Sam Gill - USA
John Green - USA
Christopher Innes - Canada
Alastair McLennan - Ireland
Daniel Noel - USA
Nicolas Nunez - Mexico
Julius Sonny Spencer - Sierre Leone
Edith Turner - USA

>From the United Kingdom:

Brian Bates
Enzo Cozzi
Frances Harding
Nick Stewart
Michael Tucker

Richard Schechner, who was instrumental in conceiving the original outline for
this conference, may be unable to attend in person. However, it is likely he
will contribute in some other form to the proceedings.


Cardiff is easily accessible by national and international transport networks.
Approximate train journey times from other parts of the UK are:
Birmingham - 1.5 hrs; London - 2 hrs; Manchester - 3.5 hrs; Leeds - 4 hrs;
Glasgow/Edinburgh - 8 hrs.


POINTS OF CONTACT is a continuing series of international conferences staged
by the Centre for Performance Research that aims to generate investigation,
critical debate and understanding of cross-disciplinary approaches to
performance studies through contact and confrontation with other
disciplines. The first three in the series were 'Theatre, Anthropology &
Theatre Anthropology' (1988); 'Performance, Nature & Culture' (1989) with
Gardzienice Theatre Association; and 'Performance, Politics & Ideology'
(1990). The next in the series will be 'Performance, Food & Cookery'.

The series aims to provide opportunities for artists, critics, promoters and
academics to discuss current practices and issues in the performing arts
across disciplines and internationally. At each conference care is taken to
forge links between people and ideas and to create formal and informal
opportunities for people to exchange information about current and future
projects. Books and tapes by contributors and on related topics, often
unavailable elsewhere, will also be on display and for sale.



Registration fee includes: all performance tickets; access to all
discussion/film showings/demonsrations; conference papers; and Friday/Saturday
evening meals and Saturday/Sunday lunch as well as afternoon tea and morning
coffee. The CPR has a reputation for providing high quality food and the meals
are included in the fee rather than offered separately in order to increase the
opportunity for collective and informal conference discussion.


Academic Institutions - 220 (pounds sterling)
Individual/Waged - 145 (pounds sterling)
Student/Unwaged - 80 (pounds sterling)


Accommodation in Cardiff is not included in the fee, but we have arranged a
substantial discount on standard rates with several nearby bed and breakfast
establishments - 15 minutes walk from the conference location -for
approximately 15 (pounds sterling) shared to 25 (pounds sterling) single per
night. If you require accommodation, please tick the box on the form and a
list will be sent to you from which you can make a choice and book yourself in.
You will pay as you check out.

Places for this conference are limited and we strongly advise early booking.
To make a conference booking please complete the following booking form and
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to us. However, your place will be confirmed once we have received a deposit
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expected upon confirmation of booking.

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