6.0421 Instructional Computing Projects (1/24)

Sun, 3 Jan 1993 18:17:41 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0421. Sunday, 3 Jan 1993.

Date: 21 Dec 92 14:00:02 EST
From: Malcolm.Brown@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: funding technology projects

At my institution, we will shortly be announcing the availability of special,
one-time funding for projects that apply computing technology to some aspect
of the curriculum. I have been charged with setting up the program, and so
was wondering if anyone in the assembled audience can refer to me folks who
have run successful programs of this type.

This may be naive, but I'd like to avoid the problems that have plagued some
courseware projects in the past (narrowness of each project's focus; a
splintering of funds into so many directions that the project as a whole lost
momentum and cohesion).

Ideally, this funding would result in a few projects that would give us some
direction in applying of computing technology to our educational efforts.
Investment in physical infrastructure (such as classrooms) as well as
"informational infrastructure" (keyboarding or other kinds of data
acquisition support) would be supported.

Any pointers to others or advice would be most welcome!

thanks very much
Malcolm Brown
Dartmouth College