6.0474 History-Associated Lists (1/75)

Wed, 3 Feb 1993 13:10:26 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0474. Wednesday, 3 Feb 1993.

Date: 01 Feb 1993 15:08:51 -0600 (CST)
Subject: useful history lists

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H-NET Guide to History Lists on Bitnet February 1, 1993

--BITNET address theme of list
listname@node (where node = name of computer host)
1. AFAM-L@UMCVMB African-American Research
2. AFAS-L@KENTVM African American Studies and Librarianship
3. AHC-L@DGOGWDG1 Association for History & Computing
4. ALBION-L@UCSBVM British and Irish History [low activity]
5. AMLIT-L@MIZZOU1 American Literature [very active]
6. AMERCATH@UKCC History of American Catholicism.
7. AMERSTDY@MIAMIU American Studies
8. American-Studies@uk.ac.mailbase Am Studies (Britain)
Send a message (no subject) to uk.ac.mailbase
containing the single line:
subscribe American-Studies Firstname Surname
subscribe American-Studies Richard Jensen
9. amwest-l@dosuni1 American West [low activity]
10. ANCIEN-L@ULKYVM History of the Ancient Mediterranean
11. ANSAX-L@WVNVM Anglo Saxon [very active, technical]
12. ARCHIVES@INDYCMS Archives & Archivists [active]
13. ASEH-L@TTUVM1 Am. Soc. of Environmental Historians
14. Brithist@ers British History & ERS test list
15. c18-l@psuvm 18th century history & culture [active]
16. CHINA@PUCC Chinese Studies
17. CLASSICS@UWAVM Classical Greek and Latin
18. CLIO-L@MIAMIU Economic history [inactive]
19. EARAM-L@KENTVM Society of Early Americanists (inactive?)
20. EMEDCH-L@USCVM The Early Medieval China
21. emhist-l@rutvm1 early modern Europe [inactive?]
22. EPP-L@BUACCA Albert Einstein Papers and Discussion
23. Erasmus Renaissance & Reformation Studies
send message to bowen@vm.epas.utoronto.ca [internet address]
24. ESPORA-L@UKANVM Spain/Portugal
26. FRANCEHS@UWAVM French history [low activity]
27. grmnhist@uscvm German history
28. HABSBURG@PURCCVM Austrian History since 1500
29. HISLAW-L@ULKYVM History of Law (Feudal, Common, Canon)
30. HISTEC-L@UKANVM History of Evangelical Christianity
31. history@psuvm Generic history [very active; semi-pop]
32. history-methods@UK.AC.MAILBASE methods [Internet]
33. HOPOS-L@UKCC History of Science
34. HPSST-L@QUCDN History and Philosophy of Science
35. HTECH-L@SIVM History of Technology [active]
36. HUMANIST@brownvm Humanists (once terrific, now mostly
37. IBYCUS-L@USCVM Ibycus (Ancient Greek)
38. ISLAM-L@ULKYVM History of Islam
39. JUDAICA@TAUNIVM Judaic Studies
40. L-CHA@UQAM Canadian Hist. Association
41. MEDFEM-L@INDYCMS medievalist feminists
42. MEDIEV-L@UKANVM Medieval
43. MEDTEXTL@uiucvmd Medieval Texts, Philology, Codicology
44. MILHST-L@ukanvm Military History [active; semi-popular]
45. PSRT-L@MIZZOU1 Pol Science/ constl law book reviews [good]
46. POLI-SCI@RUTVM1 Political Science Digest
47. RENAIS-L@ULKYVM Renaissance
48. ROOTS-L@NDSUVM1 Genealogy
49. rushist@dosuni1 Russian History
50. SEDIT-L@UMDD.UMD.EDU Editors of scholarly editions [Internet]
51. SEASIA-L@MSU Southeast Asian Studies
52. shaker@ukcc Shakers
53. SHARP-L@IUBVM History of Authorship, Reading
54. SOCHIST@UCBVM New Social History
55. SHOTHC-L@SIVM History of Computing
56. sovhist@dosuni1 Soviet History
57. T-ASSIST@UNMVMA Teaching assistants (all departments)
58. VWAR-L@UBVM Vietnam War [history, pop culture very active]
59. WMST-L@UMDD Women's Studies.
60. WORLD-L@UBVM World History [active, non-eurocentric]
61. WWII-L@UBVM World War II