6.0565 Visiting Researcher at Swedish Institute (1/75)

Tue, 2 Mar 1993 17:09:37 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0565. Tuesday, 2 Mar 1993.

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 93 13:01:16 +0100
From: ide@grtc.cnrs-mrs.fr (Nancy Ide)
Subject: Visiting Researcher Position at SICS

Sender: roscheis@Csli.Stanford.EDU

The Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) announces the
opportunity of visiting as a guest researcher for a period of time
ranging from a month to a year, according to the guest
researcher's own preferences. SICS is located just north of
Stockholm, Sweden.

The visiting researcher will be working with the Natural Language
Processing group, which currently consists of four persons: Ivan
Bretan, Bj|rn Gamb{ck, Jussi Karlgren and Christer Samuelsson.

The main focus of the group is developing a Swedish Natural
Language system based on the SRI Core Language Engine (CLE)
and using this as a vehicle for other NL research activities.
The group has gained recognition in the fields of machine
translation and applying machine learning techniques to NLP.

Current activities include developing advanced prototypes for
Swedish industrial companies in the fields of automatic spoken
language translation, support systems for human translation, and
information retrieval mixing NLP and statistical methods.

The basic research focuses on improving the Swedish NL system;
on developing self-organizing language models, using both
statistical methods and machine learning techniques; and on
applied research in the field of multi-modal (NL-graphical)

A variety of projects can be conceived depending on the visitor's
length of stay and his or her special competence and preferences.
One scenario is the visitor taking part in one or several of the
activities mentioned above. Another is for example extending the
system to cover a foreign language (German, French, Japanese ...).

A visiting researcher should be interested in and have competence
in several of the following areas:

-- self-organizing language models
-- machine translation
-- grammar development
-- multi-modal interfaces
-- robust text processing (skimming, part-of-speech identification)

The main programming languages of the group are (SICStus) Prolog and C.

To apply for the position or to receive more information, contact:

Christer Samuelsson
Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Box 1263
S-164 28 Kista

Email: nlp@sics.se
Phone: +46 8 752 15 00
Fax: +46 8 751 72 30

Applicants should send the following items (preferably by email):

1. Curriculum vitae (name, address, degrees with school, date, and major,
work experience, etc.)

2. List of publications, patents, awards, etc.

3. The name and (email) address of two professional references.

4. A statement describing the kind of research you would like
participate in here.

If you are interested in this position, please contact us before March 8, 1993.