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(1) Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 17:40 CST (86 lines)
From: Richard Barney <AA3727@UOKMVSA.BITNET>
Subject: Early Modern Culture Conference

(2) Date: 13 Mar 1993 21:37:01 -0500 (44 lines)
Subject: Emma Willard symposium

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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 93 17:40 CST
From: Richard Barney <AA3727@UOKMVSA.BITNET>
Subject: Early Modern Culture Conference

I'm passing on this announcement in the hope that members of the list can join
us next fall.

Richard Barney
University of Oklahoma



October 8-10, 1993 Norman, Oklahoma

The Inaugural Conference of the
Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies (GEMCS)

Conference Organizers: Richard Barney, Hunter Cadzow, Lennard Davis, Aparna
Dharwadker, Susan Green, Robert Markley, Catherine Peaden, Ronald Schleifer,
and Melanie Wright

We are pleased to announce the first conference of a new organization for the
study of culture from the Renaissance to the mid-19th century. We invite
people working in a wide range of disciplines to join us in creating the Group
for Early Modern Cultural Studies. The impetus for this new group grows out of
a need for an interdisciplinary organization that spans the Early Modern period
and is interested in the way issues such as race, class, gender, the body,
sexuality, science, nationalism, and imperialism are being reshaped by recent
work in critical and cultural theory.

The rubric of cultural studies enables us to encompass a variety of disciplin-
ary fields and theoretical approaches, among them anthropological, rhetorical,
historical, literary, economic, legal, and sociological studies, as well as
feminist, materialist, multiculturalist, gay/lesbian and bisexual, and other
directions in political and aesthetic theory. In defining the Early Modern
period broadly to include the Renaissance, Enlightenment, and early 19th
century, we hope to foster an exchange of ideas across the traditional
boundaries of historical specialization. In addition, we also want to
encourage work which concentrates on noneuropean cultures, or which brings a
noneuropean perspective to other issues.

The immediate goal of the group is to hold annual conferences, and eventually
to publish a journal in the field. At the conference, we plan to explore
nonhierarchical forms of self-governance and conference organization, partly
in order to provide junior faculty and graduate students a greater than usual
role in the formation of a professional organization. We encourage all members
of the academic and nonacademic community to join us in an exciting and experi-
mental endeavor.


The Group invites proposals for the conference in two areas:

I. Individuals or groups can submit proposals for papers, panels, workshops,
and other nontraditional formats which will consider issues in or approaches to
specific aspects of Early Modern culture.

II. Individuals or groups can submit proposals to participate in sessions which
will consider organizational topics such as the structure of GEMCS, interdisci-
plinarity, future conference formats, the potential of electronic networking,
and publication in the field (including the possibility of a new journal).

Please send one-page abstracts or proposals by MAY 1, 1993 to:

Lennard Davis
Department of English 607-777-2754
SUNY Binghamton FAX: 607-777-2408
Binghamton, NY 13902 E-mail (bitnet): davis@bingvaxa

For a brochure on the conference details, contact:

Richard Barney
Department of English 405-325-4661
University of Oklahoma FAX: 405-325-5068
Norman, OK 73019 E-mail: aa3727@uokmvsa.backbone.uoknor.edu

We would appreciate your passing on this announcement to other lists and/or
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Date: 13 Mar 1993 21:37:01 -0500
Subject: Emma Willard symposium

** Emma Willard and the Changing Tradition of Women's Education **

A symposium sponsored by the Amherst College Library to celebrate the
gift of a collection of Emma Willard Family Papers

Saturday, March 27, 1993, at 1:30 p.m.

Stirn Auditorium, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass.

Keynote address:
Nina Baym (Univ. of Illinois), "Emma Willard: Master Spirit, Woman's Body"

Discussion of an archival microfilm project: "Finding Emma Willard:
The Scattered Records of an Active Woman's Life"

Lucy Townsend (Northern Illinois University)
Barbara Wiley (Librarian, Emma Willard School)

Panel discussion: "Emma Willard's Legacy: Issues in Women's Education Today"

Robin Robertson (Principal, Emma Willard School)
Karin H. O'Neil (Associate Head, The Williston Northampton School)
Lorraine Kavanagh (Instructional Director, Amherst Regional High School)

Moderator: Polly Longsworth (Author, "The World of Emily Dickinson";
graduate of the Emma Willard School)

An exhibition of Emma Willard's letters, diaries, and other documents
will be on display in the Robert Frost Library, where a reception
will be held following the talks and discussion

Free lunch at 12 noon, preceding the symposium, in Merrill Dining
Commons. [Seating for lunch is limited; call (by March 19) 542-2299
for reservations (or e-mail to: jlancaster@amherst.edu).]