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Subject: Canadian ejournal: Online Modern History Review

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1 General information
2 Style guide & sample
3 Note to reviewers
4 Notice to reviewers (Scoring manuscripts)
5 Notice to reviewers (Template for written assessments)
6 Statement of ownership

ISSN 1181-1151
On the eve of the 21st century it is essential that historians
seize the latest technology to communicate the results of their
research to colleagues and the general reading public.

<ONLINE MODERN HISTORY REVIEW>, a refereed journal published in an
electronic format, is designed to satisfy the needs of the modern
scholar who wants convenient and immediate access to the latest
historical research.

The <REVIEW> is published in an electronic format (MS-DOS -- 3 1/2" and
5 1/4" floppy) and a copy will be sent to the National Library of Canada to
satisfy legal requirements.

An unique feature of the <REVIEW> is the OPEN FORUM. Articles
designated for the OPEN FORUM will not be reviewed by referees but
will be published in the form submitted. The goal is to increase
contact between professional and amateur historians and to
stimulate debate. Writers who seek the advice and comments of a
broad audience are urged to present their research findings to the
To submit an article or receive subscription information contact:

Dr. M. Salopek, Editor
P.O. Box 36514
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada, V7C 5M4

E-mail: ua833@freenet.victoria.bc.ca

Please submit two paper copies of your submission and one copy in
an electronic format on either a 3 1/2" (730K) or 5 1/4" (360K) MS-DOS
formatted disk. ASCII text only.

Please read the <Style Guide> for additional information.
Unless otherwise instructed all articles will be sent to referees.
Articles ready for publication in OPEN FORUM must clearly display
the words 'OPEN FORUM' under the author's name.


All articles submitted to <ONLINE MODERN HISTORY REVIEW> must
observe the Turabian style sheet for endnotes and bibliography.
Notes must be attached to the end of the article.

Special characters -- underline, bold, italics, etc -- are represented as


Underline and italics will be displayed in the form <This is underline>.
The symbol '<' appears at the beginning of the phrase or passage and the
symbol '>' at the end.

Superscript note numbers will represented as +12+.
Subscript text will appear as -12-

+1+M. C. Reed, <Investment in Railways in Britain, 1820-1844>
(London: Oxford Press, 1975), 6.

+2+Reed, <Investment>, 131.


Atkinson, Frank, "Pontiac and the Priests." <Pontiac's Rebellion>.
Edited by Ronald Humphrey. 3 vols. London: Phoenix Press, 1925.

Wicks, Stanley; Morgan, Herbert; Bonvecchio, Alex.
<The Rebellions of 1837>. 2nd. ed. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart,

Sample text:+1+

By canon law the crucial ingredient for a legitimate
marriage was the exchange of immediate, present consent
to marry (<verba de presenti>). Mere words of betrothal
-- the promise to marry, that is, to consent in the
future (<verba de futuro>) -- did not make a marriage,
though some canonists held that <verba de futuro>
followed by sexual intercourse (as consummation) amounted
to valid marriage. The ring was also important.
According to the Franciscan preacher, Bernardino da Siena
(1380-1444), a promise of marriage that was accompanied
by a ring and consummated constituted an indissoluble

+33+Bernardino da Siena's sermon, as translated in
<University of Chicago Readings in Western Civilization>, vol. 5,
<The Renaissance>, ed. Eric Cochrane and Julius Kirshner (Chicago,
1986), p. 126. On the symbolism of the ring in Florentine
marriages, see Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, "The Griselda Complex:
Dowry and Marriage Gifts in the Quattrocento," in her
<Women, Family, and Ritual Renaissance Italy>, trans. Lydia
Cochrane (Chicago, 1985), pp. 213-46.


+1+Extracted from Thomas Kuehn, "Reading Microhistory: The Example of
Giovanni and Lusanna," <The Journal of Modern History> 61 (no.
3, September, 1989), p.520.

Dear Reviewer:
Please consider the following questions when making your assessment of a

1. Is the writer's thesis clear?

2. Is the interpretation novel?

3. Is relevant primary evidence presented?

4. Are counter-arguments mentioned and debated?

5. Is the writer aware of the current research on the subject?

6. Is the manuscript well organized and logical?

7. Is the writer conscious of his audience?

For additional information or advice on completing the assessment send an
e-mail note to:

Dr. M. Salopek, Editor
E-mail Address: ua832@freenet.victoria.bc.ca

Copyright c. 1993
Ecu Richmond Electronic Publisher
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Manuscript Assessment
Reviewer Score*


Name of Reviewer___________________________________

Date Received____________________________

Date Reviewed____________________________

Maximum Assessment
-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-

1. Argument and counter-arguments: 30 points _________

2. Evidence, relevance, historiography 30 points _________

3. Language, clarity, structure 20 points _________

4. Organization and logic 15 points _________

5. Style, presentation, consistency 5 points _________

-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-

100 points
-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-

*Manuscripts will be considered for publication if a score of 75 or more
is accorded. The final decision to publish will be made by the Editors
upon review of the written reports.

Return this assessment sheet with the written report to:
Dr. M. Salopek, Editor
P.O. Box 36514
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
V7C 5M4
ISSN 1181-1151

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