6.0619 Rs: Scanners for laptops (3/68)

Thu, 25 Mar 1993 17:29:33 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0619. Thursday, 25 Mar 1993.

(1) Date: 25 Mar 93 09:40:34 AST (31 lines)
From: alan.young@acadiau.ca
Subject: Scanner Problem

(2) Date: 24 Mar 1993 20:52:32 -0600 (CST) (24 lines)
From: "John D. Jones" <6563JONESJ@VMS.CSD.MU.EDU>
Subject: Re: 6.0611 Qs: Scanner

(3) Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 17:06:22 EST (13 lines)
From: Ed Haupt <haupt@pilot.njin.net>
Subject: scanner for laptop

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Date: 25 Mar 93 09:40:34 AST
From: alan.young@acadiau.ca
Subject: Scanner Problem

This is in response to the question about using a scanner with a
laptop computer that has to space for an expansion card.
I recently purchased from Boffin Ltd (612 894-0595; 1-800 874-5030) a
CAT Hand ScanAdaptor LPT. This small device plugs into the parallel
port and comes with CAT Image Enhancer software that allows one to
scan images via the parallel port using ones Logitech Scanman 32. The
device is made by Computer Aided Technology Inc., 10132 Monroe Drive,
Dallas, TX 75229. It has worked well for me, but users should be
aware of the following:
1. the adaptor, though small, requires an electric power source. This
isn't always handy in a library.
2. the parallel port on my Dell Notebook is somewhat recessed so that
a sliding cover can go over it when one is in transit. The adaptor
itself is wider than the normal printer cable and in my situation
would not plug in firmly because it collided with the casing of the
computer. It will still work, but it's a little insecure. However,
normally the whole bag of tricks sits on the desk in my study where I
have run an ordinary cable from the parallel port to an A/B switch
box. To that box I have attached both my printer and the CAT adaptor,
and I can switch between scanner and printer just by moving the
3. I found the Image Enhancer Software, which creates a choice of
TIFF of PCX files, a little limited. I generally use TIFF and then
export the file to a different, more sophisticated image editor.

Alan R. Young
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Date: 24 Mar 1993 20:52:32 -0600 (CST)
From: "John D. Jones" <6563JONESJ@VMS.CSD.MU.EDU>
Subject: Re: 6.0611 Qs: Scanner; Lists (2/38)

Re: Andrew Brooks query about using a Logitech Scanman with a notebook
computer. I own a Scanman 256 and called Logitech about the possibility
of using it with a notebook. The info I recieved was that unless
the notebook has an expansion slot, it would not be possible to
use the scanner. Apparently, the only notebooks which have expansion
slots are quite expensive. The person in technical services said that
there was no adapter to run the scanner off another port.
However, she said that Logitech was working on a model of the Scanman
which would be usable with a connecter so that it could run on
a laptop which did not have an expansion slot. She did not know
when that would be released, although she thought it might be toward
the end of the year. It was her impression that one would have to
but the newer version of the scanman for use with a laptop. that is,
the converter would not work with existing Scanmans.

(oops, but the newer version = buy the newer version)

John Jones
Department of Philosophy
Marquette University
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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93 17:06:22 EST
From: Ed Haupt <haupt@pilot.njin.net>
Subject: scanner for laptop

I have had some conversations with Envisions Solutions Technology. They
are trying to develop a scanner for a notebook. They can be reached
at (800)365-7226. I think they want to have one available in 2 weeks
or so.

I have no interest in this company. I found them in an INFOWORLD Direct
for Dec. 1992.

Ed Haupt