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Tue, 6 Apr 1993 11:20:15 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0649. Tuesday, 6 Apr 1993.

Date: Sun, 04 Apr 93 21:10:26 EST
From: "Todd J. B. Blayone" <CXFW@MUSICA.MCGILL.CA>
Subject: The Computer-Assisted Research Forum


A Reader-friendly Bulletin for Academics and Educators
in the Humanities

The Computer-Assisted Research Forum (CARF), in its second
year, is currently a print-based bulletin published three times
during the year.

Intended Reader

The humanities scholar-teacher and the student (from first
year university/college/seminary to the doctoral level) are the focus
of attention. Support staff will benefit from listening in.

Disciplinary Focus

CARF spreads its web across all areas of the humanities. Sug-
gestions for articles and reviews, which can be sent by FAX or e-
mail, are always warmly received. (CARF extends an invitation to the
experienced user, and scholar with special computer-related
interests, to join with the editorial team as a reviewer or advisor.)

General Purposes

CARF seeks to meet the essential, "real-world," computer-
information needs of the intended reader. For the beginner, CARF
presents ~how-to~ articles introducing technologies and resources
relevant to humanities research. For the intermediate reader, more
sophisticated articles dealing with a variety of important and stim-
ulating issues are presented. All readers will benefit from our
software and literature review sections.
Our fundamental assumption is that "computer literacy" goes
well beyond the mechanics of computing, and that one does not need
to be a computer scientist to contribute to critical thinking about
computers and technological impact. Since many issues of concern to
humanities scholars are totally eclipsed by "main-line" computer
publications CARF welcomes submissions which analyze technological
impact from humanistic perspectives.

Platforms Supported

Both PC (i.e., IBM and compatible) and Macintosh platforms are
supported. The vast majority of humanities scholars utilize one of
these two types of systems.


"[The] Computer-Assisted Research Forum ... made interesting and
informative reading."
Donald MacRae, Germanic & Slavic Studies, Brock University

"CARF ... is nothing short of excellent. Exactly the sort of
publication that I think we humanities types need. You will be
getting my subscription very soon, and I am telling colleagues about
George Nahrebecky, Modern Languages & Classics, St. Mary's

"The Computer-Assisted Research Forum ... [l]ooks quite promising."
Robert A. Kraft, University of Pennsylvania (in OFFLINE 41)

"It [the Computer Assisted-Research Forum] came across my desk
yesterday, and immediately struck me as a `must have.' It looks
promising and valuable..."
T. R. Hobbs, McMaster Divinity College



CARF is published independently at McGill University,
Montreal, Canada. The editor team is as follows:

Todd J. B. Blayone, Editor
McGill University

Bruce Guenther, Associate Editor
McGill University

William Dubie, Editorial Advisor
Digital Equipment Corporation

Harry Hahne, Editorial Advisor
Ontario Theological Seminary

Richard P. Hayes, Editorial Advisor
McGill University

David J. Reimer, Editorial Advisor
Wilfred Laurier University

Stephen B. Scharper, Editorial Advisor
McGill University



Fall 1992

* Nodes, Modems and Bauds?: E-mail in Plain English Bibliographic
* Programs Compared: Part One (Library Master, EndNote Plus and
Pro-Cite for the PC)
* Graphics-Mode Word Processors for the PC: ChiWriter 4.1 and
Multilingual Scholar 4.0
* Making WordPerfect Multilingual: ScriptureFonts 1.1

Winter 1993

* Electronic Discussion Groups: A Virtual University
* Bibliographic Programs Compared: Part Two (Pro-Cite/Mac,
EndNote Plus/Mac and Papyrus/PC)
* Transparent Language: Perspectives on a Foreign Language
Reading Tutor
* Text Analysis: Part One. Bible-oriented Packages for the
Macintosh (AnyText and macBible).

Coming in 1993

* Text Analysis: Part Two. Bible-oriented Packages for Microsoft
* FrameMaker: A Scholarly Document Processing Solution
* Reviews of grammar/style checkers and font utilities
* A new Literature Review section
* "Secrets of the Net" column
* Much more.




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Copyright 1993 by The Computer-Assisted Research Forum. All
rights reserved. ISBN 0-7717-0256-6. Product reviews are based on
independent first-hand evaluations. Manuscript submissions are
welcome. The editor may be contacted electronically at cxfw@musica.