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From: Ann Okerson <ann@cni.org>
Subject: Publication of Proceedings

Hi, in case you might find it of interest, I am attaching the following
publication announcement for a handful of e-lists, to use in full or
excerpt if you like. This symposium on networked electronic publishing
was held in December and co-sponsored by the Association of Research
Libraries and the American Association of University Presses, with support
from the American Mathematical Society and the National Science Foundation.
It brought together a number of different not-for-profit publishers as
well as academics and librarians in a stimulating series of papers and

Thanks for your interest. Ann Okerson/ARL


For additional information please contact:
Ann Okerson, Director
Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing
e-mail: ann@cni.org

Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks
Proceedings of the Second Symposium
December 5-8, 1992

The Association of Research Libraries announces the publication of
Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks: Proceedings of
the Second Symposium. The meeting and the proceedings were co-
sponsored by the Association of American University Presses, with
support from the American Mathematical Society and the National
Science Foundation.

The first symposium on scholarly publishing on the electronic
networks was held in the spring of 1992. One publisher commented
that the experience was "like being a deer caught in the
headlights of an onrushing truck." But by the start of the second
symposium, participants had survived the shock of the new. They
came forward with well-formed experiments, prototype projects, and
questions about the ways and means of making the new technology
serve the demands of the scholarly and scientific community.

The objective of Symposia has been to promote information-sharing
and discussion among people interested in developing the potential
of formal scholarly electronic publishing, with particular
emphasis on not-for-profit models. Presenters also discussed
developing collaborative plans for sharing electronic publishing
expertise among organizations in the academic publishing chain.

Presentations ranged from a deliberately visionary look at
electronic publishing "the day after tomorrow" to very pragmatic
discussions about what it takes to make electronic text that can
be used in the current network environment. Common economic
concerns were evident in many of the presentations and included
questions on such issues as those of cost recovery and
intellectual property laws in a new and evolving technological
environment. A riveting 'lawyers tour' was given of the realities
of the the copyright law and its interpretation and application.

Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks was compiled and
edited by Ann Okerson, Director of ARLUs Office of Scientific and
Academic Publishing. It contains text or summaries of 17 papers
presented at the symposium, as well as two supplemental papers.

The Office of Scientific and Academic Publishing (OSAP) undertakes
activities to understand and influence the forces affecting the
production, dissemination, and use of scholarly and scientific
information. The Office seeks to promote innovative, alternative
ways of sharing scholarly findings, particularly through evolving
electronic techniques for recording and disseminating academic and
research scholarship. OSAP maintains a continuing educational
outreach to the scholarly community in order to encourage a
shared Rinformation conscienceS among all participants in the
scholarly publishing chain: academics, libraries, and information

Scholarly Publishing on the Electronic Networks
Proceedings of the Second Symposium

ISBN 0-918006-61-9
March 1993
182 pages, 8.5 x 11, pbk.


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