6.0657 Conference: Evolution and Human Sciences (1/64)

Fri, 9 Apr 1993 15:48:40 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0657. Friday, 9 Apr 1993.

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 13:34:05 EDT
From: "Stevan Harnad" <harnad@Princeton.EDU>

Date: Thu, 8 APR 93 15:40:11 GMT


LSE Centre for the Philosophy of the Natural and Social Sciences
At the London School of Economics
Thursday 24 -- Saturday 26 June 1993
Co-organisers: Helena Cronin and John Worrall

CONFERENCE THEME: It is widely believed that the 'Darwinian
revolution' transformed our whole view of ourselves and of our place
in the universe. But, in fact, until recently the implications of Darwinian
theory for humans have remained remarkably underexplored. This is
partly because of the genuine problems facing Darwinian accounts of
human behaviour; and partly because the enterprise has been tainted by
an inglorious history, from the crude 'Social Darwinising' of the
nineteenth century onwards. But over the past couple of decades,
Darwinians have discovered rigorous and powerful principles of social
behaviour, and have applied them successfully to a wide variety of
animal species. Can this more sophisticated work lend insight into
*human* behaviour -- without repeating the mistakes of earlier false
starts? Recent studies -- in psychology, anthropology, economics,
sociology and linguistics -- suggest that it can. This conference will
bring together evolutionary biologists, social scientists, methodologists
and philosophers of science to appraise the prospects for carrying
through Darwin's unfinished revolution.

TOPICS: Evolutionary roots of homicide, incest, sexuality, reasoning,
language, consciousness, economics, medicine.

CONTRIBUTORS: Leda Cosmides; Martin Daly; Richard Dawkins;
Daniel C. Dennett; Robert H. Frank; David Haig; W. D. Hamilton;
David L. Hull; Nicholas Humphrey; Randolph M. Nesse; Steven Pinker;
Mark Ridley; Paul Romer; Elliott Sober; Dan Sperber; Donald Symons;
Nancy W. Thornhill; John Tooby; George C. Williams; Margo Wilson;
and others.

SYMPOSIA AND POSTERS: In addition to the main sessions involving
the listed contributors, there will be a series of Symposia and a Poster

REGISTRATION: The conference fee of 75 pounds sterling (120 U.S.
dollars) includes lunches, teas, coffees and a reception. Numbers are
strictly limited and applications should be made before 30 April 1993.
Subject to places being available, applications will be accepted after this
date but there will be an additional fee of 15 pounds sterling for late
registration. Cheques should be made payable to the London School of
Economics. Cancellations will be accepted before 30 April 1993 but a
deduction of 25 pounds sterling will be made to cover administrative
costs. No refunds will be made after 30 April 1993.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation can be arranged at StudentsU
Halls of Residence. A list of moderately priced hotels can also be

FURTHER DETAILS: Pat Gardner, Centre for the Philosophy of the
Natural and Social Sciences, LSE, Houghton Street, London WC2A
2AEA, England
Tel: 071-955 7341
Fax: 071-242 0392
Email: philcent@uk.ac.lse