6.0661 CFP: Black Women in the Academy (1/73)

Fri, 9 Apr 1993 15:59:18 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0661. Friday, 9 Apr 1993.

Date: Thu, 08 Apr 93 14:46:43 EDT
From: lesliet@Athena.MIT.EDU
Subject: Call for Papers





National Conference

January 13-15, 1994

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Radcliffe College
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Black women have come in for a large share of negative criticism in the form
of both open and coded discourse generated by the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas
hearings last year, and political discourse generated by electoral campaigns
over the course of the last year largely centered on the issue of welfare
reform and "family values." These events have generated the most intense
public consideration of the character and morality of Black women that this
country has witnessed since the 1890s. African-American women in the academy
placed themselves squarely in the center of these debates in 1992 with the
formation of the organization, African-American Women in Defense of Ourselves.

The conference will focus scholarly energies and public attention on these
debates. The event will present works considering a large number of concerns
central to Black women's lives inside and out of the academy.

The three days of the conference will be scheduled with three themes in mind:

1) African-American Women in the Academy and the Professional Schools

2) Disciplinary Issues: African-American Women's Scholarship

3) African-American Women Scholars and the Wider Community

The size of the conference makes it impossible to accept every proposal.
The steering committee will choose from among the proposals on the basis
of appropriateness to the conference theme and originality of thought and
presentation. Participants are encouraged to propose panels as well as
individual papers. Papers should be no longer than fifteen minutes in
length. Panels will be limited to three presentations so that there can be
ample time for discussion.

We hope to have some funds available to subsidize travel for participants
but participants should attempt to use their own institutional travel funds
wherever possible.

Please submit abstracts and panel proposals to:

Prof. Robin Kilson or Prof. Evelynn Hammonds
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Women's Studies Program, 14E-316
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

(617) 253-8844

fax (617) 253-9406

******** ABSTRACTS AND PROPOSALS DUE JUNE 1, 1993 *******

Executive Committee:

Dr. Robin Kilson, MIT
Dr. Evelynn Hammonds, MIT
Dr. Florence Ladd, Bunting Institute, Radcliffe College