6.0684 NEH Interpretive Research Grants (1/69)

Tue, 20 Apr 1993 11:05:56 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0684. Tuesday, 20 Apr 1993.

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 93 14:49:18 EDT
From: "Meghan Laslocky, NEH" <NEHRES@GWUVM>
Subject: NEH Interpretive Research Grants

National Endowment for the Humanities
Interpretive Research Program

The Interpretive Research Program at the National Endowment
for the Humanities offers three categories of support that are
designed to promote joint research efforts in humanities

Collaborative Projects involve two or more scholars
undertaking research for periods of more than one year; the
Endowment is particularly interested in integrated efforts
that interpret or synthesize work on important scholarly and
intellectual issues.

An award was made recently to support "Dialogues:
Literary/Critical Exchanges Between Russian and
American Women," a project that brings together two
American and two Russian scholars to produce a
comparative study of contemporary Russian and American
women writers, incorporating representative works of
fiction, autobiography, and interpretation by authors
of both cultures.

Humanities, Science, and Technology grants support research
that brings the knowledge, methods, and perspective of the
humanities to bear on the subjects of science, technology,
and medicine.

"Race, Mental Health, and Youth in New York" is a two
year project currently supported by this category. The
grant will result in a history of the development of
mental health and social services for African American
and Hispanic youth in New York City from 1940 to 1976.

Conferences unite scholars working on related topics in
order to encourage the open exchange of ideas and thus
stimulate scholarly research.

In December of 1992, an international conference
supported by the Endowment, "The Terror in the French
Revolution," focused on the nature and genesis of the
Terror of 1793-4, its place in history, and its
significance in current historiographical debate.

Application deadlines:

Collaborative Projects: October 15, 1993
Humanities, Science, and Technology: October 15, 1993
Conferences: July 15, 1993 and January 15, 1994

Applications for Collaborative Projects and Humanities, Science,
and Technology will be available via paper mail in the late
spring; applications for Conferences are currently available via
paper mail. Applicants are encouraged to consult with a member
of the staff before submitting a final application:

The Interpretive Reseach Program
NEH, Division of Research Programs, Room 318
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20506

Inquiries about the program may also be directed through e-mail
E-mail messages should list "Interpretive Research" in the
subject line.