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Tue, 27 Apr 1993 16:37:17 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0673. Tuesday, 27 Apr 1993.

(1) Date: 20 Apr 1993 13:55:01 -0500 (EST) (71 lines)
Subject: Sources of library quotations

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Subject: Re: 6.0685 Rs: Quotations about libraries (1/200)

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Date: 20 Apr 1993 13:55:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Sources of library quotations

In response to my recent query for favorite quotations about libraries, I
received several suggestions for good sources, which are worth sharing.
Thanks to everyone who replied.

>From James Marchand and Norman Stevens:

_A Librarian's Collacon_, An Anthology of Quotations and
Aphorisms reflecting the Moral Philosophy of the Library Profession,
compiled by D. W. Krummel, Preliminary Edition (Urbana: UI Library, 1971).
It has more quotations on libraries than you can shake a stick at.
>From Louis H. Silverstein:

Suggest that you take a look at "Books are basic: the essential Lawrence Clark
>From Elaine M. Challacombe:

I received a book as a gift entitled "Reading Rooms" edited by Susan Toth and
John Coughlan. The subtitle on the dust jacket describes it as "America's
foremost writers celebrate our public libraries with stories, memoirs, essays,
and poems". Chapter titles are 1) Small-town libraries 2) City Libraries 3)
The Librarian 4)Children in the library 5) Love in the library 6) Mystery and
murder in the Library 7) Laughter in the library 8) Reading-room Reveries 9)
Democracy in the Library. You should be able to find what you are after in
this book. Good luck and have fun reading.
>From Ethelle S. Bean:

I just received a slew of stuff from Linda Wallace, ALA,
Public Info Office on the "Write for America's Libraries" Included
were many quotes from celebrities about how libraries had impacted
their lives for the better. Linda's phone number is 312-944-6780.

One of the items in the folder was a fact sheet entitled "Libraries
Change Lives: What they say" It is 5 pages of quotes including the
following from Pres. Clinton -- "My love for learning was fostered
and enhanced by all the resources I made use of in the libraries
where I studies...Today, the library is not only a special place for
me but for my family as well. The library made a difference in my
life. I hope others will discover the library and let it change
their lives."

I'm sure ALA will send folks who request them copies of the Fact
sheet or I will fax you a copy of mine.
>From Ron Grimes:

Have you tried the Quotations Database on Dialog - File 175?
And I will add one title of my own, which has a number of good quotations
about libraries and books, and of course, great illustrations.

_The delights of reading: notes, quotes & anecdotes_ / Otto L. Bettmann.
David R. Godine, in association with the Center of the Book in the Library
of Congress, 1987.

I believe that a paperback reprint was published in 1992.
Thanks again to everyone. I have had a great time with this one.

Karl Van Ausdal vanausdalk@appstate.bitnet
Music Library vanausdalk@conrad.appstate.edu
Appalachian State University voice (704) 262-2389
fax (704) 262-6446
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Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1993 16:52 EST
Subject: Re: 6.0685 Rs: Quotations about libraries (1/200)

I like the quotes about libraries! Maybe all you folk can help me figure
out where I got one (paraphrased)- Librarians rule the world. Without them,
we could find nothing.

I thought it was in a science fiction book-- "Ringworld" maybe-- but could
not find it again when I needed it for a paper. Any clues would be appre-
ciated; I'm sure I'd like to use it again someday!

Leslie Morgan