6.0685 Scholar Announcement (1/125)

Thu, 29 Apr 1993 15:17:06 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0685. Thursday, 29 Apr 1993.

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 93 17:48:24 EDT
Subject: SCHOLAR Announcement

Please announce the following to your subscribers, or
post it on any appropriate bulletin boards. Thanks.

The next release of SCHOLAR, to be distributed shortly,
contains the following items. To receive this release and
information on retrieving similar items already in the
database, send a message to <listserv@cunyvm. cuny.edu>
as follows: sub scholar your-full-name . You will receive
instructions on how to retrieve any of the items or all
of them in one package.

- - - - - - - - - -
A notice that GRAMmar Cracker has been withdrawn from
the market.

A book summary of Theodore H. Nelson, _Literary: The
Report on, and of, Project Xanadu_.

A book summary of Charles R. McClure et al., _Public
Libraries and the Internet/NREN_.

A book summary of _Philosophy and the Computer_, ed.
Leslie Burkholder.

A book summary of Sandra Carberry, _Plan Recognition in
Natural Language Dialog_.

Contents and abstracts from _Computational Linguistics_
18:3 (September 1992),

A note on the British National Corpus, a 1 million-word
corpus of Modern British English for linguistic analy-

A note on a Hebrew version of the Old Testament.

A note of network resources for Islamic studies.

A note on a new catalog for the Oxford Text Archive.

A note on the CD ROM of the Index Thomisticus.

A note on a Greek New Testament, a Greek Old Testament,
and a Henrew Old Testament.

A Calendar of events through 1994.

A position notice for an information retrieval re-
searcher at Siemens in New Jersey.

A position notice of a one-year postdoctoral position in
machine translation in Paris.

A position notice for a researcher in computational
linguistics in England.

A position notice for a linguistics programmer at the
University of Canterbury.

A notice of a new network conference on statistics, nat-
ural language, and computing.

A notice of a new network conference on natural language
processing in Turkish.

A notice of a new network conference on history.

A notice that the _Journal of Technology Education_ is
available free on the Internet.

A Call for Papers for the _ACM Transactions on Informa-
tion Systems_ special issue on text categorization.

A notice of a special issue of _Library Trends_ contain-
ing 200 pp. on "Electronic Information for the Humani-

A list of publications from the Centre for Modern Lan-
guages of the British Computers in Teaching Initiative.

A list of guides to ftp and listservs.

A notice of a paper by Wendy Plotkin on TEI and IPA

A note on a report from the ACL/SIGGEN (Special Inter-
est Group on Natural Language Generation).

A report by Michel Lenoble on "La Tres Grande Biblio-
theque and the Library of the Future."

A news story on a project by Paramount Communications to
combine books, movies, television and electronic tech-

A report on the text-oriented sessions at the Modern
Language Associations's Annual Meeting.

The latest newsletter of the ARTFL Project.

A report on the Network Services conference in Pisa.

A report on the Information Arcade at the University of

A report on a conference on Electronic Network Publish-

A notice of dictionary maintenance utilities.

A notice of an attribute logic engine.

A notice of a morphological parser for Turkish.

A notice of a search program for Greek databases.

A notice of "The Poor Man's Hypermedia" for IBM pc's and

A note on Philologic, a search program for the ARTFL

A note on teaching foreign languages with facilities from
the Internet.