6.0704 ICEMCO '94 -- Multi-lingual computing (1/143)

Wed, 5 May 1993 18:33:05 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0704. Wednesday, 5 May 1993.

Date: Wed, 05 May 93 15:48:42 BST
From: AU100@phx.cam.ac.uk
Subject: ICEMCO 94

University of Cambridge
Centre of Middle Eastern Studies


I C E M C O 94

4th International Conference and Exhibition on
Multi-lingual Computing
(Arabic and Roman Script)

London, 7-9 April 1994

I. Call for Papers:

Papers for the themes listed below are invited. The deadline
for abstracts is 20th August
1993 and camera-ready copy for papers to be presented at the conference must be
submitted by 17th Decmeber 1993. There will be a limit of 10 pages per paper.
Conference proceedings will be available at registration. The main language of
the conference will be English, but papers in Arabic will be considered.
It may be possible for these to be used together with English abstracts or
full translations. The conference will take place at the London School of
Economics and Political Science in London, between 7th and 8th of April 1994,
leaving the 9th reserved for the exhibition. This arrangement will enable the
exhibitors to attend the conference sessions and give enough time for the
participants to have access to the latest hardware and software in the

T h e m e s
(1) Editing Arabic manuscripts using computers.
(2) Multi-lingual data bases:
compiling classical Arabic sources, contemporary data-banks, medical data bases.
(3) Multi-lingual maps.
(4) Computer based lexicography and machine translation.
(5) Teaching of languages by computer.
a. Teaching of Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages by computer.
b. Teaching of European languages by computer to Arab students.

(6) Notation of Oriental music on computers.
(7) Archaeology and Computing; Islamic architecture.
(8) Multi-lingual computers for the handicapped.
(9) The hardware and the software industry in the Arab World.
a. The status of Computer Industry in each Arab country: past, present and
future plans.
b. The relationship between consumers, retailers, and the industry:
the possibility of a consumer charter.
c. Software copy protection problems:
the issue of protecting creativity in the Arab World.
d. Developing affordable software and hardware for the Arab markets.
e. Mail marketing in the Arab world: possibilities and obstacles.

(10) Other Semitic languages and computing.
(11) Computing in Persian, Urdu and Turkish (Osmanli).
(12) Multilingual Email systems.
(13) Informatics.
(14) User Groups in the Arab World.
(15) International electronic networks related to multilingual computing and
Middle Eastern issues.
(16) The Open Forum: an informal session for brief presentations and
discussions about other work in progress from various institutions,
and to exchange information about the computing facilities available in
each institution.

II. A One-Day Hardware and Software Exhibition
It is intended that the exhibition will be held at the London School of
Economics and Political Science in London for one day, the 9th of April 1994.
The conference sessions will adjourn on that day and the participants will be
free to have access to machines and software on display. Companies'
representatives are welcome to attend the Conference on the 7th and the 8th.

Overnight Accommodation in London:
Accommodation is available at modest rates at

Passfield Hall
1-7 Endsleigh Place
London WC1H 0PW, UK
Phone: (071) 387 7743,
Fax: (071) 387 0419

For those who prefer hotel accommodation, please contact any the
following hotels:

Imperial Hotel
Russell Square
London, WC1, UK
Phone: (071) 837 3655
Fax: (071) 837 4653

Waldorf Hotel Aldwych
London, WC2, UK
Phone: (071) 836 2400
Fax: (071) 836 7244

To arrange for accommodation, please contact Passfield Hall or the hotel
directly. It is not possible for our staff to make bookings on behalf of
participants. You are advised to book well in advance as London accommodation
services are in great demand.Accommodation charges will be in addition to the
seminar registration fee.

F e e s

Conference Registration Fees

Paid before 15 October 1993 Pound sterling 90*
Paid after 15 October 1993 Pound sterling 110*

Student Rates

Paid before 15 October 1993 Pound sterling 50*
Paid after 15 October 1993 Pound sterling 70*

Exhibitors' Fees
(per 6 square metres,
with a minimum of 12 square metres)

Paid before 15 October 1993 Pound sterling 270**
Paid after 15 October 1993 Pound sterling 370**

* The fee entitles the participant refreshments and 2 lunches on the 7th and
the 8th April 1994.

** The fee entitles a representative from the exhibiting company to attend
the Conference sessions and to have refreshments and 2 lunches on the
7th and the 8th April 1994.

Please request refunds in writing no later than 4 February 1994.
A Pound sterling 20 cancellation fee will apply. After this date,
refunds will not be issued. Cheques payable to University of Cambridge
in pounds sterling drawn on a British Bank or Eurocheques in pounds sterling.

Dr Ahmad Ubaydli (ICEMCO 94, Convenor)
Centre of Middle Eastern Studies,
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA, UK
Telephone: +44 (223) 334749/335106
F a x: +44 (223) 335110,
Telex: 81240 CAMSPL G