6.0720 Q: Freenets (1/19)

Fri, 7 May 1993 18:27:37 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0720. Friday, 7 May 1993.

Date: Thu, 6 May 1993 18:48:56 -0400
From: cwoodill@epas.utoronto.ca (Christopher Woodill)
Subject: Freenets

I am interested in any information, either on or off the internet, on
Freenets, both in general and specific to particular freenets. I am
interested in various aspects of freenets and am looking for
information in any or all of the following areas: politics and the
freenet, technical problems/solutions in running Freenets, resources
that are particular to the Freenet environment, experiences from both
users and administrators of freenets, as well as any other information
that is interesting or useful.

I would also be interested in interviewing via the internet any one
who thinks they are an "expert" on Freenets, either as a user or

Please send replies to:

Christopher Woodill