7.0012 Scriptorium Search Program (1/192)

Mon, 17 May 1993 17:45:55 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0012. Monday, 17 May 1993.

Date: Sat, 15 May 1993 13:57:02 -0500 (EST)
From: kraft@ccat.sas.upenn.edu (Robert Kraft)
Subject: SCRIPTORIUM Search Program (OFFLINE Supplement)

With apologies for posting to multiple lists, and for the length, it
seemed to me that the following information will be of sufficient
interest to enough readers to merit a sort of "OFFLINE Supplement" type
of posting at this point. The concept of "nag-ware" is intriguing, and I
applaud the producers for taking this bold step with this latest stage
in the development (SEARCHER - PHAROS - SCRIPTORIUM) of inexpensive
software for accessing the ancient Greek and Latin textual materials
(and, of course, English material as well) from the TLG and PHI CD-ROMs!
Appended are two formal announcements, the first describing how to get
the program on a trial basis through FTP, the second describing the
program more fully. I apologize for not having taken the time to rewrite
the "product announcement" format at this point. I am serving as an
information provider here, and have no economic involvement in the
product itself. If some readers think this sort of announcement
inappropriate, I apologize -- and obviously disagree. Reproduction or
reposting of this announcement is permitted.

Bob Kraft, UPenn/OFFLINE editor

Date: Thu, 6 May 93 20:41:21 -0400
From: rsmith1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Subject: FTP Distribution of Scriptorium 1.0

After some initial indecision, we have decided to use Internet FTP as
our primary distribution method. (Setup diskettes will be available for
those who do not have access to FTP).

The FTP version of the software is set up as "nag-ware"; users who
have not typed in a registration number are frequently admonished to
register the program. You may try the program unregistered for 30 days
for free. After 30 days you must either register the program, by
sending a check for $40 as described below, or erase the program from
your computer. The electronic version contains a manual which can be
viewed or printed with the Write program which is included with Windows
3.x. To receive a registration number, please send $40 in US funds,
payable to DARL J. DUMONT, to:

SCRIPTORIUM c/o Darl J. Dumont
15237 Sunset Boulevard suite 20
Pacific Palisades California 90272

Please be sure to specify the name under which you want to register the
software; it is displayed every time the program is started. The
registration number is based on the name. You will receive your
registration number by E- mail immediately on receipt of your check.
The price of $40 is a special introductory price which expires on
September 30, 1993, at which time we expect to introduce Scriptorium

To obtain a copy of Scriptorium electronically, FTP to
"ftp.cc.swarthmore.edu". Use "anonymous" as the login name and give
your E-mail address as the password. Change to the directory /fry by
giving the command "cd /fry". Be sure to set the transfer mode to
binary by giving the "binary" command. (Some systems may also require
the command "tenex".) Note that the transfer between your Internet
machine and your PC (if they are not the same) must also be a binary
mode transfer or the file will be corrupted. Type "get script10.zip"
to obtain the file containing the Scriptorium program and manual. We
have arranged with the authors of WinGreek to distribute their font
package along with Scriptorium. If you do not already have a copy of
WinGreek you should also get the file "wgreek18.zip". Note that
WinGreek is not part of Scriptorium and you must register it with its
authors within 30 days or erase it from your computer. To install
Scriptorium unzip script10.zip to a floppy disk or a directory on your
hard disk and run the program "setup.exe". If you obtained WinGreek
from us, install it the same way. If you obtained it from another
source install it according to the instructions which came with it.

By installing the software, you agree to be bound by terms
of the following agreement:

After receiving a copy of SCRIPTORIUM from whatever source, you must
register and pay within 30 days, or else de-install the product from
your computer and cease using it.

GRANT OF LICENSE: Upon payment, you are granted the right to install
SCRIPTORIUM 1.0 ( the "SOFTWARE") on a single computer. Installation
on a network server shall constitute "use" for which a separate license
is required.

COPYRIGHT: The SOFTWARE is owned by Darl J. Dumont and Randall M.
Smith and is protected by United States copyright laws and
international treaty provisions. You may not reverse engineer,
decompile, or disassemble the SOFTWARE. You may not rent or lease the
SOFTWARE nor transfer a registered copy.


Randall M. Smith


Date: Mon, 10 May 93 13:01:08 -0400
From: rsmith1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Subject: Scriptorium Announcement

Product Announcement: SCRIPTORIUM 1.0
by Darl J. Dumont and Randall M. Smith

< SCRIPTORIUM: A room in a monastery set aside for the copying, writing,
and illumination of manuscripts.>

Scriptorium is an entirely new program by the authors of Pharos for
Microsoft Windows 3.1, which provides the ability to display and search
Greek and Latin-alphabet texts from the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae's new
CD-ROM #D (Greek texts to ca 600 ce), and the Packard Humanities Institute's
CD-ROM's #5 (Classical Latin) and #6 (Greek Documentary Papyri).

The first release of Scriptorium offers the ability to display several
texts on the screen simultaneously, full support of the TLG Word Index,
including the ability to view directly all citations for each word from
within the index, and the ability to export text to other Windows
applications (e.g. Word for Windows) via the Windows Clipboard. There is
a basic word search capability, to be elaborated in a subsequent upgrade.
There is also the ability to create a permanent list of favorite authors
for word searches.

Searching is done "in background" which means that a search can be
started then other work continued, whether it is viewing texts in
Scriptorium, using the word index in Scriptorium, or even switching to a
word processor or spreadsheet (or the Windows Solitaire game). As
initial results come in, the locations that have been found can be viewed
without having to wait for the search to complete. Any search may also
be canceled instantly.

Future versions will also add a powerful interface with Word for Windows,
in which a permanent link may be maintained between Scriptorium and Word,
allowing you to store or print formatted documents from within
Scriptorium, without having Word visible on the screen. There will also
be the ability to conduct "Boolean" searches on more than one word.

Scriptorium runs under Microsoft Windows 3.1 on PC-compatible computers.
Windows 3.1 is required; the program definitely will not run under
Windows 3.0. We intend in the future to take full advantage of new
Windows features added by Microsoft and others. Therefore, it is
recommended that your hardware meet the minimum requirements for a
Multimedia PC (MPC), which is becoming the standard for educational
computing on Personal Computers. This will ensure that your hardware
will remain compatible with new versions of Scriptorium and other Windows
applications into the foreseeable future. (Incidentally it will give you
the ability to run the many interesting and entertaining multimedia
Windows applications that are on the market today. )

According to Microsoft, the following is the minimum recommended
hardware for a Multimedia PC:

80386 or higher processor, with 2 MB of RAM (bare minimum -- 4 MB
recommended, 8MB is better yet).
3.5 inch floppy disk drive and Microsoft-compatible mouse.
At least 30 MB hard disk drive (absolute bare minimum -- 80 MB
recommended, 200 MB is better yet).
VGA display capable of displaying at least 640 by 480 pixels in 16
colors. (256 colors recommended).
CD ROM Drive with a minimum transfer rate of 150 K bytes per second.

The multimedia specification also requires an Audio board such as Sound
Blaster; however; the first release of Scriptorium does not have any
sound output. But be forewarned that a multimedia tutorial with
animation and a sound track will become standard for Windows
applications. Scriptorium itself will take up no more than 2 MB on your
hard disk; however, by the time you have installed Windows and perhaps
Word for Windows, you will have used up tens of megabytes and you want to
be sure to have room for your own work and for other applications.

The product is at the end of its beta test phase and is now shipping.
The special introductory price through September 30, 1993 will be $40 US,
plus $3.30 California sales tax if shipment is to a California address.
To order a copy of Scriptorium send a check for $40 US, made payable to
Darl J. Dumont, to:

SCRIPTORIUM c/o Darl J. Dumont or Randall M. Smith
Internet: wk00634@worldlink.com rsmith1@cc.swarthmore.edu
15237 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 20
Pacific Palisades, California 90272 USA

An unlicensed copy of Scriptorium, in "nag-ware" form, is available
via FTP. Please contact us at the above address for more information.

Randall M. Smith