7.0031 Request for Information (1/26)

Tue, 1 Jun 1993 19:37:04 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0031. Tuesday, 1 Jun 1993.

Date: 26 May 93 15:04:52 EDT
From: "David A. Hoekema" <DHOEKEMA@legacy.Calvin.EDU>
Subject: Request for information

I would appreciate information that readers of this list may be able to
provide related to an appearance on the Calvin College campus on April 22 by
Colorado anti-gay activist David Noebel, whose lecture was sponsored by the
College Republicans. Yesterday a national religious news program offered
Noebel 90 minutes to complain of the inhospitable reception he received and
of Calvin's alleged surrender to PC relativism. Also yesterday I heard
reports that the incident has been cited on electronic newsgroups read by
the lesbian and gay community as an example of the college's insensitivity
and entrenched homophobia. These inconsistent criticisms can hardly both
be accurate; I believe they are equally inaccurate.

It is inappropriate here to delve into the particulars of the incident. I
will say only that Noebel's demagogic harangue proved to be a catalyst for
some unusually open and honest discussions among students, faculty, and
members of the local community, in a subsequent forum and in our
student newspaper. But I would be most appreciative of information that any
reader of this list might be able to provide about references to the
incident that have come to their attention in electronic newsgroups.
I would also appreciate hearing from individuals who may have had
experience in dealing with Mr. Noebel. Please reply privately to the
address below, and accept my thanks.

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