7.0042 Bertrand Russell Conference (1/51)

Mon, 7 Jun 1993 21:13:09 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0042. Monday, 7 Jun 1993.

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 93 21:30 CDT
From: jrl8980@tamuts.tamu.edu (John R Lenz)
Subject: Bertrand Russell conference, June, San Diego

Please post if you find this appropriate for the list. thanks.

The BERTRAND RUSSELL SOCIETY invites all interested to attend our
annual meeting in San Diego, June 18-20, 1993. Papers and social events will
be of general interest. (from Fri. p.m. to Sun. noon)

At this meeting, the first two winners of our "Prizes for Papers" will
attend and present their papers (one undergraduate, one a graduate student).
Please keep in mind submitting a paper by March 1 (to me) for next year's
meeting, or let your students know.

Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings held at UC, San Diego.

For information on registering (for a room, meals, and other events) contact
Michael Rockler, 4036 Emerson St., Skokie, IL 60076.

For information on joining the BRS, please contact me.

Partial Program:

Tim Madigan (Free Inquiry magazine),
"The Will to Doubt vs. the Will to Believe"
BRS Book Award to Nicholas Griffin
Nicholas Griffin (McMaster),
talk on BR and "Lady Ottoline"
Tyler Roberts (undergrad. prize winner, Fredonia, NY),
"R., the Individual and Society"
Stefan Andersson (Lund, Sweden, grad. prize winner),
"BR's Search for Certainty in Mathematics and Religion"
John Shosky (Wash. DC),
"R & the Contemplation of Philosophy"
Society Meeting
Hal Walberg,
"R's Autobiography--A Reader's Theater"
Marvin Kohl and Michael Rockler,
"Russell vs. Russell on Education"
Red Hackle Hour (BR's favorite scotch, hard to get!)
BRS award to Harry Ruja
Harry Ruja,
"R.'s Life in Photos"
Dennis Darland,
"What is Mathematics About?"
Don Jackanicz,
Workshop on BR's "A Philosophy for Our Time"
Gonzalo Garcia,
"Did BR Think of Himself as a Pacifist?"