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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0045. Monday, 7 Jun 1993.

Date: 3 Jun 93 16:25 -0700
From: <fass@cs.sfu.ca>
Subject: PACLING-93 conference proceedings available

Extra copies of the PACLING '93 Conference Proceedings are now available.
PACLING '93 (the First Pacific Association for Computational Linguistics
Conference) took place 21-24 April 1993 in Vancouver, Canada.

The proceedings are 361 pages long and contain 37 papers, 5 posters and
summaries of 3 invited talks by Dr. Kathleen R. McKeown, Dr. Takao Gunji, and
Dr. George Heidorn. See below for the Table of Contents from the Proceedings.

** Rates **

The following rates are for one copy of the proceedings plus postage, and
include all taxes and surcharges for credit cards:
Canada -- surface rate CDN$25
-- air rate CDN$30
United States
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Rest of World
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Please pay by one of the following methods:
1. bankers draft or cheque in Canadian dollars drawn on a Canadian bank,
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Please make bankers drafts and cheques payable to Simon Fraser University.

Send your payment, complete with your name and address, to:

Fred Popowich email: popowich@cs.sfu.ca
PACLING '93 Conference Proceedings tel: (604) 291-4193
School of Computing Science fax: (604) 291-3045
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5A 1S6

** Table of Contents from PACLING '93 Conference Proceedings **

== Invited Talks == (page number)
"An Overview of JPSG -- A Constraint-Based Grammar for Japanese."
Dr. Takao Gunji, Osaka University, JAPAN 1
"Industrial Strength NLP - The Challenge of Broad Coverage."
George E. Heidorn, Microsoft Research, USA 2
"Language Generation for Multimedia Explanations."
Kathleen R. McKeown, Department of Computer Science, Columbia
University, New York, USA 3

== Information Retrieval/Extraction and Large-Scale Lexical Resources ==
"Automatically Deriving Structured Knowledge Bases from Online Dictionaries."
William Dolan & Lucy Vanderwende, Microsoft Corporation, USA 5
"Information Retrieval Based on Paraphrase."
Peter Wallis, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology,
"The Diderot Information Extraction System."
Jim Cowie, Takahiro Wakao, Louise Guthrie, Wang Jin & James
Pustjovsky & Scott Waterman, New Mexico State/Brandeis
University, USA 23
"Text Analysis: How Can Machine Learning Help?"
Stan Matwin & Stan Szpakowicz, University of Ottawa, CANADA 33

== Pragmatics and Discourse ==

"Constraint of the Japanese Conjunction shikashi (but)."
Tatsunori Mori & Hiroshi Nakagawa, Yokohama National
University, JAPAN 43
"Reconciling Sharp True/False Boundaries With Scalar Vagueness."
Alice I. Kyburg & Lenhart Schubert, University of Rochester,
USA 53
"A Computational Formalism for Syntactic Aspects of Rhetoric."
Marzena Makuta-Giluk & Chrysanne DiMarco, University of
Waterloo, CANADA 63
"What's Going on in these Advertisements? - A Case Study of Indirect Speech."
Paul Wu Horng Jyh, National University of Singapore,

== Morphology, Phonology and Prosody ==
"Learning Vocabulary for a Register Vector Parser."
David R. Astels & Bruce A. MacDonald, University of Calgary,
"A Method to Improve Predictability of Simplified Markov Models for Japanese
Word Succession - A Maximum Conditional-Probability Method."
Toru Hisamitsu & Yoshihiko Nitta, Hitachi Advanced Research
Laboratory, JAPAN 102
"Understanding Spoken English Using a Systemic Functional Framework."
C. Rowles, X. Huang, M. de Beler, J. Vonwiller, R. King, C.
Matthiesson, P. Sefton & M. O'Donnell, Telecom Research
Laboratories/Sydney University, AUSTRALIA 111
"An Experimental Discourse-Neutral Prosodic Phrasing System for Mandarin
Gina-Anne Levow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 121

== Document Structure and Language Learning Aids ==
"Cooperative Understanding of Natural Language and Picture Patterns in Drill
Tsutomu Endo, Hidehiro Ohki & Kazuhiro Takaoka, Oita
University, JAPAN 131
"An Experimental Chinese Word Information Retrieval System for Language
Learning Aids."
Yu Zeng & John N. Crossley, Monash University, AUSTRALIA 141
"Why Johnny Can't Read the Screwiest Writing System in the World and How to
Help Him Learn: On the Necessity of Japanese<->English Hyperdictionaries."
Harvey Abramson, University of Tokyo, JAPAN 149

== Tools and Environments ==
"Graphical Interaction with Constraint-Based Grammars."
Jo Calder, Simon Fraser University, CANADA 160
"STAS -- A Relation For Comparing Tree Traversals of Grammar Processing
Miroslav Martinovic, New York University, USA 169
"A Parallel Processing Environment for Natural Language Applications"
Hsin-Hsi Chen & Jiunn-Liang Leu, National Taiwan University,

== Parsing ==
"Grammar of Sino-Japanese Words."
Nagiko I. Lee, Canadian International College/University of
British Columbia, CANADA 188
"On Processing Empty Categories in English and Japanese."
Tadao Miyamoto & Joseph F. Kess, University of Victoria,
"Context-Free Grammar Parsing by Message Passing"
Dekang Lin & Randy Goebel, University of Manitoba/Alberta,
"Parsing With Principles."
David LeBlanc, Henry Davis & Richard Rosenberg, Tilburg
University/University of British Columbia, NETHERLANDS/CANADA 212
"Recovering a Logical Form Representation Using a Single-Pass Principle-Based
Carl Alphonce, University of British Columbia, CANADA 222

== Natural Language Generation/Planning ==
"Deciding Appropriate Query Content According to Topic Features."
Yukiko Ishikawa & Tsuneaki Kato, NTT Network Information
Systems Laboratories, JAPAN 232
"Planning Utterances with Prominence."
Shozo Naito & Akira Shimazu, NTT Basic Research Laboratories,
"Coordinating Ideational and Textual Resources in the Generation of
Multisentential Texts in Chinese."
Licheng Zeng, University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA 251

== Natural Language Generation/Explanation ==
"A Prototype of English Sentence Generation System Based on SD-form
Semantics Model."
Guifeng Shao, Masahiro Wakiyama, Sei-ichiro Kamata & Eiji
Kawaguchi, Kyushu Institute of Technology/Kitakyushu National
College of Technology, JAPAN 261
"Natural Language Explanation of Natural Deduction Proofs."
Andrew Edgar & Francis Jeffry Pelletier, University of
Alberta, CANADA 269
"The Placement of Examples in Descriptions: Before, Within or After the Text."
Vibhu O. Mittal & Cecile L. Paris, Information Sciences
Institute/University of Southern California, USA 279

== Machine Translation and Machine Assisted Translation ==
"Translation of Metonymy in an Interlingual MT System."
Takahiro Wakao & Stephen Helmreich, New Mexico State
University, USA 288
"Choosing the Right Word -- Lexical Knowledge and Context in Machine
John Phillips, National Language Research Institute, JAPAN 297
"Tuning of a Machine Translation System to Wire-Service Economic News."
Teruaki Aizawa, Naoto Katoh & Masoko Kamata, NHK Science and
Technical Research Laboratories, JAPAN 304
"The Integration of MT and MAT."
Robert Frederking, Dean Grannes, Peter Cousseau & Sergei
Nirenburg, Carnegie Mellon University, USA 309

== Semantics and Cognitive Modelling ==
"Handling Real World Input by Abduction."
Loke Soo Hsu, Chew Lim Tan & Zhibiao Wu, National University
of Singapore, SINGAPORE 314
"An Image-Schematic System of Thematic Roles."
Dekai Wu, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,
"Beyond Deterministic Lexical Disambiguation."
Jean-Pierre Corriveau, Carleton University, CANADA 333
"A Meaningful Approach to Natural Language Processing."
Sait Dogru & James R. Slagle, University of Minnesota, USA 342

== Posters ==
"A Transformation Method between Syntactic and Dependency Structures."
Hiroshi Sakaki, KDD R & D Laboratories, JAPAN 352
"Towards Context-Sensitive Dialogue Interpretation -- An Empirical Study in
a Speech Translation Project."
Masami Suzuki, Gen-ichiro Kikui, Tsuyoshi Morimoto & Hioshi
Iida, Air International, JAPAN 354
"Clues for Detecting Unknown Words in Japanese Sentences -- Garbage Word
Sequence Phenomenon and its Solution."
Yoshiyuki Kotani & Nobuo Takiguchi, Tokyo University of
Agriculture and Technology, JAPAN 356
"An Example Based System for English Writing Aid for Japanese."
Akiko Takeda & Teiji Furugori, University of Electro-
Communications, JAPAN 358
"Towards a Model of Cooperation between Natural Language and Natural Gestures
to Describe Spatial Knowledge."
Xavier Briffault and Annelies Braffort, Limsi, FRANCE 360

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