7.0060 Humanities Computing Position Avaliable (1/110)

Fri, 18 Jun 1993 09:54:12 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0060. Friday, 18 Jun 1993.

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1993 11:36:10 -0600
From: David Bantz <D-Bantz@UCHICAGO.EDU>
Subject: Humanities Computing Position Available

The University of Chicago
Academic & Public Computing / Humanities Division jointly funded position

Title: Humanities Computing Coordinator
Department: Academic & Public Computing
Reports to: Director, APC, with oversight & strategic direction from
Humanities Technical Oversight Committee

Position Summary:

Provides hands-on support of information technology applications to
research, instruction, and administration in the Division of the

Serves as informed advocate and representive of the interests of the
Humanities in Academic & Public Computing and in other information
technology activities at the campus level. Duties include assisting the
information technology planning, assisting faculty, students and staff in
identifying the best types of software and equipment for particular needs,
developing training programs to aid Humanities personnel in learning
specific applications, and identifying solutions to various hardware,
software and network problems encountered by members of the Division.

Major Duties:

o Provide advice on the purchase of new equipment and on the repair
and maintenance of existing machinery, oversee software installation,
support the existing network, and troubleshoot. Academic & Public
Computing will provide training in existing campus technologies and support
services and backup expertise for this work. 35%

o Develop or customize classes or training programs for faculty,
staff and students on topics such as basic computer use, network
information resources and specific academic applications. Coordinate these
with Academic & Public Computing, which will provide basic resources for
this function, including syllabi for basic training, teaching materials,
classroom facilities, and, if appropriate, instructors. 20%

o Serve as technical liaison to Academic & Public Computing and to
other information resources in assisting members of the Division to
determine appropriate information technology applications to accomplish
objectives in research, scholarship, instruction and administration. The
coodinator will be specifically responsible for canvasing and understanding
the needs of faculty and departments in the Division and using that
understanding to assist APC in supporting the Division with appropriate
technology; in this role the coordinator will particpate in determining
recommended hardware and software, identifying needed documentation and
helping produce it, and contributing to the ongoing enhancement of
information technology support activities. 20%

o Provide staff assistance to the Division's Technology Oversight
Committee to assist it in developing and updating as necessary a Master
Information Technology Plan with a five-year time frame, which addresses
equipment, software and networking needs in the Division. 10%

o Keep abreast of new information technology applications appropriate
for the Division. Collaborate with other support units, faculty and
governing committees to facilitate informed decisions concerning these
applications. 10%

o Perform other related duties as may be assigned by the Technology
Oversight Committee. 5%

The individual filling the position will work quite independently within
and for the Humanities Division. Overall direction and assignments will be
determined by the Technology Oversight Committee, a group within the
Division consisting largely of faculty. Assignments would often be of a
general nature with the incumbent expected to identify how best to
implement them and to draw on appropriate resources of APC and other campus
support units. While operating within the Division under direction of
the Technical Oversight Committee, the coordinator is also a member of
Academic & Public Computing, which is to provide day-to-day supervision,
technical expertise backing up the coordinator, and integration of
divisional support efforts with campus strategies.

The position is expected to communicate well with faculty, staff and
students as well as computing professionals in other areas of the
University. The individual will be expected to give advice and to clearly
explain technical matters to those without a computer background. The
coordinator must have excellent communication skills, and be conversant
with the disciplines of the humanities. Familiarity with the University of
Chicago, and especially with the University's information technology
infrastructure, will be very advantageous.


A minimum of two years experience in providing computing support services.
Also required is a demonstrated technical ability with a variety of
software on differing platforms (Macintosh and MS-DOS required; Windows and
Sun or other Unix desirable), as well as experience with network
management. Prior work experience in a university environment is
preferred. A Bachelor's degree is required and an advanced degree in a
humanities field is preferred.
This a new position created to serve the needs of faculty, staff and
students of the Humanities Division. It is a regular full time staff
position with full benefits, initially funded for one year from University
funds (not grant funds); renewal possible indefinitely based on an
evaluation of effectiveness of the position.

Applicants should send a letter describing their experience and expertise,
a current resume, and any materials (e.g., letters of recommendation,
samples of work) supporting that application to:

David Bantz <D-Bantz@UChicago.edu>
Director, Academic & Public Computing
University of Chicago
1155 East 60th St., Chicago, IL 60637-2745
312-702-0822 (vox) 312-702-7661 (fax)