7.0069 Speech/Natural Language Program at Sheffield (1/199)

Thu, 24 Jun 1993 12:30:59 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0069. Thursday, 24 Jun 1993.

Date: Wed, 23 Jun 93 11:22:32 BST
From: Yorick Wilks <yorick@dcs.sheffield.ac.uk>

Speech and Natural Language
at the
University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield
in England now has a strong research program in speech and natur-
al language processing, and would still welcome new graduate stu-
dents for Fall 1993, although all scholarships for this year are
now gone. Sheffield is specifically interested in Natural
Language Engineering and has established a Centre for Language
Engineering involving a number of Departments. The University
also has an interdisciplinary program in Cognitive Science and a
strong program in Japanese. Sheffield has a number of funded
projects in speech and language processing. Such projects are
funded by SERC, the European Community and Japanese and American
funders. It is believed that we will soon receive a Human Capital
and Mobility (HCM) award for research in speech processing.
There are at least 15 staff in the Department of Computer Science
involved in speech and language processing. The Centre for
language Engineering brings in another 10 staff. We have a
wealth of experience in speech and language processing as well as
computer aided language learning.

Goy Brown:
auditory models, sound source separation, audition, speech

Martin Cooke:
auditory models, sound source separation, audition, speech

Malcolm Crawford
auditory models, sound source separation, audition, speech

Robert Gaizauskas
models of text, text processing, cognitive science

Phil Green:
speech processing, neural network models of speech processing,
ai approaches to speech processing

Mark Hepple
Cognitive Science, Categorial Grammars, Grammatical models

Mike Holcombe
formal models of NLP, formal models of user modelling

Jim McGregor:
user modelling, parsing, Prolog, tutoring systems

Paul Mc Kevitt:
pragmatics, natural language dialogue, user-computer interfaces,
hypermedia, multimedia, user modelling, intention analysis,
belief analysis

Bob Minors
Modelling arguments in discourse, illogic of argumentation,
beliefs processing

Tony Simons:
machine translation, syntactic parsing, chart parsing, object-oriented

Yorick Wilks: Artificial intelligence, natural language
understanding, belief pragmatics, lexical computation,
parsing, text extraction.

Sheila Williams:
phenology, pragmatics and intonation, hearing, speech processing

The developing programme in natural language processing will seek
to link to speech research and also to emphasise multi-lingual
text processing applications, pragmatics-based models of belief
applied to dialogue, applications of large scale lexical and
corpus resources, text correcting and verifying systems, includ-
ing intelligent teaching systems concerned with language, and
computational models of metaphor. The growing Computer Science
Department is housed in a new building and has excellent facili-
ties. Sheffield has the best and closest surrounding countryside
of any major city in the UK: a good city for walkers, runners,
limbers etc. as wellas normal people. Anyone interested in further
information should contact yorick@dcs.shef.ac.uk. Applications and
requests for forms should go to j.clarke@dcs.shef.ac.uk.