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Tue, 6 Jul 1993 19:31:57 EDT

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(1) Date: 24 Jun 1993 14:09:09 -0600 (CST) (95 lines)
Subject: H-Net announces 13 new scholarly lists in history

(2) Date: 25 Jun 1993 11:55:39 -0600 (CST) (27 lines)
Subject: how to subscribe to H-Net's 13 lists

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Date: 24 Jun 1993 14:09:09 -0600 (CST)
Subject: H-Net announces 13 new scholarly lists in history

June 24, 1993
H-Net: History On-Line
Dramatic changes are underway in the electronic
communications infrastructure worldwide. Academics are
beginning to take advantage of the new opportunities.
H-Net is an initiative of the History department at the
University of Illinois, Chicago, to assist historians to go
on-line, using their personal computers and the Internet and
Bitnet electronic communications networks.
H-Net is sponsoring a series of electronic discussion
groups or "lists." Subscribers automatically receive
messages in their computer mailboxes. These messages can be
saved, discarded, copied, printed out, or relayed to someone
else. The lists are like newsletters that are published
daily, and which carry announcements from the editor, and
letters and mini-essays from the subscribers. Currently our
largest list is HOLOCAUS with 290 subscribers in 15
countries; they receive an average of 5 messages a day.
Membership is open to any historian or graduate student, and
is free. Each list is moderated by a historian and has a
board of editors. The moderators control the flow of
messages and reject those unsuitable for a scholarly
discussion group.
The primary purpose of each list is to enable
historians to easily communicate current research and
teaching interests; to discuss new approaches, methods and
tools of analysis; to share information on access to library
catalogs and other electronic databases; and to test new
ideas and share comments on current historiography. Each
list is especially interested in methods of teaching history
to graduate and undergraduate students in diverse settings.
The lists feature dialogues in the discipline. They publish
syllabi, course outlines, class handouts, bibliographies,
listings of new sources, guides to online library catalogs
and archives, and reports on new software, datasets and
cd-roms. Subscribers write in with questions, comments, and
reports, and sometimes with mini-essays of a page or two.
Most of the lists have no chronological or geographical
The H-Net lists currently in operation are:
H-Urban Urban history
H-Rural Rural and agricultural history
H-Women Women's history
H-Diplo Diplomatic history, foreign affairs,
international relations
HOLOCAUS Holocaust studies; anti-semitism; related
themes of modern history
H-South US South
H-CivWar US Civil War
H-LatAm Latin American History
H-Law Legal and Constitutional history
H-Ethnic American ethnic & immigration history
by July 4:
H-AmStdy American Studies
H-Ideas Intellectual history
beginning fall 1993:
IEAHC-Net American colonial history; sponsored by
Institute of Early American History & Culture
at Williamsburg
Other lists are being discussed; to volunteer as editor or
member of an editorial board, please send a note to

Each list will publish (at no cost) announcements of
jobs, fellowships, conferences, conventions, new books, new
journals, new e-lists, and the like. To post an announcement
to all the H-Net lists, send an email copy:
by Bitnet to H-NET@uicvm
or by Internet to H-NET@uicvm.uic.edu
or send a fax copy to (312) 996-6377, care of H-Net.
Each list will publish book reviews. To volunteer as a
reviewer send a note to the editor at @uicvm (For example,
H-URBAN@uicvm or H-LatAm@uicvm). To submit books for review,
or for other paper correspondence, write to
H-Net room 723 SEO
Dept of History m/c 198
851 S Morgan St
Chicago IL 60607-7049
[our phone is: 312-996-3141 our fax: 312-996-6377]

H-Net will be offering one-day training workshops at
history conventions and at history departments across the
country. It has been endorsed by the American Historical
Association, the Organization of American Historians and the
Southern Historical Association, and has received funding
from the American Council of Learned Societies. H-Net is
directed by Richard Jensen, professor of history at UIC
u08946@uicvm voice: 615-552-9923
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Date: 25 Jun 1993 11:55:39 -0600 (CST)
Subject: how to subscribe to H-Net's 13 lists

H-Net announced 13 new scholarly history lists yesterday,
and has been flooded with responses. Alas, we did not
clearly explain how to subscribe. Here's how: pass the word.

Anyone can join any of the h-lists by sending this message
to LISTSERV@uicvm [bitnet--try this first]
or to LISTSERV@uicvm.uic.edu [Internet]

sub xxxxx John Jones, Northern Vermont U

where xxxxx = h-urban, h-women, HOLOCAUS, h-rural, h-law,
h-latam, h-civwar h-south, h-ethnic, or h-diplo.
These 10 are all operating. The first three have been going
strong for several months, the others are very new.
Sometime in next week or so we will add H-AmStdy, with
H-Ideas (or "H-Durkheim") to follow.
This fall, a colonial list will be ready.
Announcements and general questions go to:

Richard Jensen for H-net