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Subject: Journal of European Studies (23) 1993

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_Journal of European Studies_ is a major journal, published quarterly,
which deals with the literature, ideas and culture of Europe since the
Renaissance. Vol. 23, parts 1 and 2 (March/June 1993), is a special
double issue entitled _The Invasion and Occupation of France 1940-44:
intellectual and cultural responses_, and edited by Christopher Flood
and Richard Golsan. It contains, in addition to an introduction by the
editors and a section of book reviews, the following articles:

"The morphology of the collaborator" (Bertram Gordon)

"Ideology, cultural politics and literary collaboration at _La Gerbe_"
(Richard Golsan)

"Fascist ideology and theatre under the Occupation: the case of Anouilh"
(Mary Ann Frese Witt)

"Publish and perish: the _epuration_ of French intellectuals" (Diane

"A certain idea of France: Ernst Junger's Paris Diaries 1941-44"
(Richard Griffiths)

"A forgotten novel of the Resistance: Pierre Courtade's _Elseneur_"
(John Flower)

"Andre Labarthe and Raymond Aron: political myth and ideology in _La
France libre_" (Christopher Flood)

"Facing history: Mauriac and Levinas on Nazism" (Nathan Bracher)

"French Catholic intellectuals during the Occupation" (Michael Kelly)

"Independent publishing in Vichy France: the case of Pierre Seghers's
_Poesie_" (Nicholas Hewitt)

"Abandoning pacifism: the case of Sartre (1939-40)" (John Taylor)

"Writing war in the feminine: de Beauvoir and Duras" (Mary Jean Green)

Contributions for future numbers should be sent to the General Editor:
Prof. J.E. Flower, Department of French and Italian, University of
Exeter, Queen's Building, The Queen's Drive, Exeter EX4 4QH, England. If
your library does not already subscribe, please ask them to address
enquiries to: Alpha Academic, Halfpenny Furze, Mill Lane, Chalfont St.
Giles, Bucks. HP8 4NR, England. Institutional subscription: $110 US;
private subscription: $56 US.


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