7.0091 Rs: Mail Systems; Finding E-Addresses (2/80)

Wed, 14 Jul 1993 21:17:25 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0091. Wednesday, 14 Jul 1993.

(1) Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1993 11:12:52 -0600 (34 lines)
From: "Sterling G. Bjorndahl" <bjorndahl@AUGUSTANA.AB.CA>
Subject: Mail systems

(2) Date: Wed, 14 Jul 93 14:51:44 -0400 (46 lines)
From: andy@dep.philo.mcgill.ca (Andrew Burday)
Subject: Re: 7.0088 Rs: EMail Addresses (8/173)

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Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1993 11:12:52 -0600
From: "Sterling G. Bjorndahl" <bjorndahl@AUGUSTANA.AB.CA>
Subject: Mail systems

>Thanks to NSF, we are about to hook up to the Internet using our own
>address and host computer.
>I'm searching for suggestions regarding public domain software for
>e-mail in conjunction with the Internet connection. Comments from
>HUMANIST readers, especially based on their experience -- good or
>bad -- with a particular e-mail system for campus use would be greatly
>Thanks in advance,
>Charles Ess
>Philosophy & Religion
>Drury College
>Springfield, MO 65802 USA

If a Novell network is part of your configuration, I heartily endorse
Pegasus Mail for MS-DOS. There is also a new version of Pegasus Mail
for Windows, but I have not tried it yet--reports are good, though.

Pegasus Mail is freeware (although the author will accept donations if
you feel so obliged). It is high quality stuff, IMHO, and is easy to
install and to use. It has a large base of installed users.

I don't remember the ftp address for it, but the author can be contacted
via david@pmail.gen.nz and you will probably find it in an Archie search
(look for pmail).

Sterling G. Bjorndahl, bjorndahl@Augustana.AB.CA or bjorndahl@camrose.uucp
Augustana University College, Camrose, Alberta, Canada      (403) 679-1100
  When dealing with computers, a little paranoia is usually appropriate.
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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 93 14:51:44 -0400
From: andy@dep.philo.mcgill.ca (Andrew Burday)
Subject: Re: 7.0088  Rs:  EMail Addresses (8/173)
In the recent discussion of techniques for finding e-mail addresses,
I don't think that anyone has yet mentioned that there is an FAQ on
this topic on Usenet.  If you can read news, look in News.Answers for
'FAQ: How to find people's e-mail addresses'.
Also, someone mentioned that there is a site that keeps records of
Usenet postings, but provided no details.  Here (slightly abridged)
is what the FAQ has to say:
>  If you think that your target may be on the USENET and may have
posted a message to the USENET at some point in the past, you might
be able to find his/her address in the USENET address database on the
machine pit-manager.mit.edu.
>  To query the database, send an E-mail message to
"mail-server@pit-manager.mit.edu" with "send usenet-addresses/name"
in the body of the message.  The "name" should be one or more
space-separated words for which you want to search; since the search
is fuzzy (i.e., all of the words you specify do not have to match),
you should list all of the words you think might appear in the
address, including (for example) first and last name, possible
username, and possible components of the host name (e.g. "mit" for a
person who you think is at MIT).  The case and order of the words you
list are ignored.
>  Note that multiple requests can appear (on separate lines) in mail
to the mail server, but each request will be answered in a separate
>  Note that the usenet-addresses database is accessible via WAIS (in
fact, the script that does mail server searches is actually just a
front-end to a WAIS database) on two different hosts:
pit-manager.mit.edu and cedar.cic.net.  In both cases, the database
is called "usenet-addresses" and is on port 210....
>  For more details about how to use the database, send the command
"send usenet-addresses/help".
Hope this is useful.
Andrew Burday