7.0105 CFP: Consensus Ex Machina (ALLC-ACH '94) (1/167)

Tue, 17 Aug 1993 16:09:18 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0105. Tuesday, 17 Aug 1993.

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 15:16:52 EDT
From: Elaine M Brennan <ELAINE@BROWNVM>
Subject: Preliminary Call for Papers:
ALLC-ACH '94: Consensus Ex Machina

Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing
Association for Computers and the Humanities

Joint International Conference ALLC-ACH94
April 19-23, 1994

Preliminary notice

The ALLC-ACH conferences are the major forum for literary,
linguistic and humanities computing. A particular focus of the
conference "Consensus ex Machina" will be the methodological impact of
computer science and mathematics on the humanities. Resorting to
computer science and to mathematics is now often the most dramatic
attempt to impart more objectivity (and consequently more consensus)
to the humanities. What obstacles does such an undertaking meet? What
successes can it claim? What failures must it admit to? Is there a way
forward which will increase our knowledge and understanding of the

The conference will be held at La Sorbonne which stems from a
college founded in 1253 by Robert de Sorbon and presently hosts the
Universities of Paris IV (Arts and Humanities) as well as the famous
/Ecole des Chartes (History). Accommodation for participants will be
available in the lively Latin Quarter through the conference travel
agency. The Latin Quarter and la Sorbonne can be very easily reached
from Paris airports and stations thanks to the metro and the RER
(regional express network).

The Paris conference will be held in April 1994. Its programme
will be as follows:
Tuesday 19th morning: welcome
Tuesday 19th afternoon: opening and sessions
Wednesday 20th: sessions
Thursday 21th morning: sessions
Thursday 21th afternoon: excursion (Versailles)
Friday 22th morning and afternoon: sessions
Friday 22th evening: banquet
Saturday 23th morning: sessions

The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing and the
Association for Computers and the Humanities invite submissions on
computer-aided topics in literature, linguistics and the language-
oriented aspects of the humanities disciplines such as history,
archaeology and music: statistical methods for text analysis, text
encoding, text corpora, computational lexicography, machine
translation, etc.

The official languages of the conference will be English and
French. However papers can also be presented in another EEC language
provided that they bear on the corresponding linguistic or literary

The coding scheme used in this announcement for French words is :
/e = e + acute accent, /E = E + acute accent, \e = e + grave
accent and \a = a + grave accent.

Proposals should describe substantial and original work. Those
that concentrate on the development of new computing methodologies
should make clear how the methodologies are applied to research and/or
teaching in the humanities and should include some critical assessment
of the application of those methodologies in the humanities. Those
that concentrate on a particular application in the humanities (e.g.,
a study of the style of an author) should cite traditional as well as
computer-based approaches to the problem and should include some
critical assessment of the computing methodologies used. All proposals
should include conclusions and references to important sources.

Abstracts of 1500 words should be submitted for presentations of
25 minutes. Abstracts of 2500 words should be submitted for lectures
of 45 minutes (state of the art themes only).

Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. Please pay
particular attention to the format given below. Submissions which do
not conform to this format will be returned to the authors for
reformatting, or may not be considered if they arrive very close to
the deadline.
All submissions should begin with the following information:
Title: title of paper
Author(s): names of author(s)
Affiliation: of author(s)
Contact address: full postal address
E-mail: electronic mail address of main author (for
contact), followed by other authors (if any)
Fax number: of main author
Phone number: of main author

These should be plain ASCII text files, not files formatted by a
word processor, and should not contain tab character or soft hyphens.
Paragraphs should be separated by blank lines. Headings and
subheadings should be on separate lines and be numbered. Notes, if
needed at all, should take the form of endnotes rather than footnotes.
References, up to six, should be given at the end. Choose a simple
markup scheme for accents and other characters that cannot be
transmitted by electronic mail, and include an explanation ot the
markup scheme after the title information.
Electronic submissions shoud be sent to:
with the subject line "<Author's surname> Submission for ALLC-ACH94."

Submissions should be typed or printed on one side of the paper
only, with ample margins.

Six copies should be sent to the ALLC-ACH94 Programme Chair:
Christian Delcourt,
Universit/e de Li\ege,
place Cockerill, 3,
B-4000 Li\ege, Belgium.

October 15th, 1993 (proposals of papers).
December 15th, 1993 (notification of acceptance)
February 15th, 1994 (advance registration)

A selection of papers presented at the conference will be
published in the series "Research in Humanities Computing" edited by
Susan Hockey and Nancy Ide and published by Oxford University Press.
Another one will be published as a special issue of T.A. Information.

Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of reviewers who will make
recommendations to the Program Committee comprised of:

Christian Delcourt, Chair
Universit/e de Li\ege (ALLC)
Elaine Brennan
Brown University (ACH)
Gordon Dixon
Manchester Metropolitan University (ALLC)
Paul A. Fortier
University of Manitoba (ACH)
Joel D. Goldfield
Plymouth State College (ACH)
Susan Hockey
Rutgers and Princeton Universities (ALLC)
Antonio Zampolli
Universit\a degli Studi di Pisa (ALLC)
Michael Neuman
Georgetown University (ACH)
Andr/e Salem, Local Organizer
/Ecole normale sup/erieur de Saint-Cloud (ALLC)

Please address your inquiries to the ALLC-ACH94 Local Organizers:
Andr/e Salem and Maurice Tournier,
CNRS-INaLF, Lexicom/etrie et textes politiques,
/Ecole Normale Sup/erieure,
avenue de la Grille d'Honneur,
F-92211 Saint-Cloud, France.

Phone: 00+33+1+
Fax: 00+33+1+