7.0108 Using Computers to Work with Historical Data (1/166)

Tue, 17 Aug 1993 16:18:08 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0108. Tuesday, 17 Aug 1993.

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 93 15:08:14 BST
From: Donald A Spaeth <GKHA13@CMS.GLASGOW.AC.UK>
Subject: Data handling course announcement

Please bring this announcement to the attention of interested colleagues
and research students.


Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for History
with Archaeology and Art History Summer School


University of Glasgow, 21-23 September 1993

This three-day summer school will introduce lecturers
and research students to handling and analysing
structured data using a database package. Instruction
in database techniques will be set in the context of
research problems and data. Most data will be from
historical sources, but the course may also be of
interest to archaeologists, art historians and other
humanists wishing to learn about databases.

The summer school is intended for research students and
lecturers wishing to learn about databases and the use
of computers in historical research and teaching. No
previous database experience is required, although word-
processing experience is strongly recommended.

The software to be used will be Borland Paradox (version
3.5 or 4), a relational database management system that
runs on IBM and compatible PCs and is widely used in
higher education. Other types of databases will also be

The exact sources to be used have not yet been chosen,
but will most likely be those appropriate to the study
of English local and community history. You are
encouraged to bring copies of your own sources with you,
and there will be time to discuss their input.

The application deadline is 20 August 1993.


Tuesday 21 September
Introduction to the use of databases in history
Simple database querying
Introduction to database design, including
* Data modelling: Principles and sources
* Management of a research project

Wednesday 22 September
Database design (cont.), including
* Creating a database
* Forms design
* Data entry
Data clinic: Analysis of sources brought by those on the
Teaching with databases
Demonstration of other choices, including
* Text-oriented databases

Thursday 23 September
Advanced analysis of data, including
* Querying multiple tables
* Recoding and standardisation
* Simple record linkage

*Programme is subject to change.

The course will start at 9.30 am on Tuesday and end at 1.00 pm on Thursday to
enable people

The course fee is 50 pounds. Accommodation is available at
Dalrymple Hall, a University of Glasgow residence hall,
at a cost of 27.50 pounds per night, including bed,
breakfast and dinner. A limited number of rooms are
available, so early booking is recommended. Lunch is not
included in the fee but will be available in the University
Dining Rooms.

To register for the course, please send the following
application form with payment to Ann Lee, CTICH, 1 University Gardens,
University of Glasgow
Registration forms should be sent by 20 August 1993. After
that date, please contact CTICH to see if any places are


Title & Name:

Email address (if any):

I wish to register for the workshop at a cost of 50 pounds

I wish to be booked in for bed, breakfast and dinner at
Dalrymple Hall, cost 27.50 per night, for the following

Monday, 20 September
Tuesday, 21 September
Wednesday, 22 September

Payment must be enclosed with this form, and should be
made payable to 'University of Glasgow'. If payment is
through your Finance Office, please make sure that the
form accompanies the cheque.

Please note that registrations received after the
closing date will be a subject to a late registration
fee of 10 pounds. Cancellations received after the closing
date will be subject to a cancellation fee of 10 pounds.

The course may be cancelled if there is insufficient

Questions about Computing Experience

The course is intended to be practical and, where
possible, tailored to individuals' own needs. It would
help us if you would provide information about your own
experience and plans to use computers in your research
or teaching. You are encouraged to bring copies of
sources with you.

Do you have any experience of computers?

With which of the following types of software do you
have experience?
'Flat' database package (e.g. Reflex, PC-File, QUEST)
Relational database
Other (please specify)

How do you plan to use what you learn on this course?

Thank you for your help.

should be sent to:

1 University Gardens
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ

Tel: (041) 339-8855 x6336
Fax: (041) 330-5000
Email: ctich @ uk.ac.glasgow