7.0114 Conference: Language, Culture and Translation (1/44)

Wed, 18 Aug 1993 20:19:29 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0114. Wednesday, 18 Aug 1993.

Date: Thu, 05 Aug 93 14:51:00 PDT
From: <DGH@herald.divinity.yale.edu>
Subject: Conference Announcement

New Haven, Conn.
August 3, 1993

SUBJECT: Yale Divinity School Library to host conference

A conference entitled "Language, Culture and Translation: Further Studies in
the Missionary Movement" will be held at Yale Divinity School September 9-11,
1993. Invited participants will gather from across North America and the
United Kingdom to focus on the cultural impact of the Christian missionary
movement. This conference is the third in a series co- sponsored by the Yale
Divinity School and the University of Edinburgh. The Overseas Ministries
Study Center in New Haven is also a co-sponsor of the September conference.

The conference will feature a public lecture by Jonathan Spence entitled
"Missionary Interconnections in the Taiping Rebellion 1810-1864." The lecture
will be presented on Friday, September 10 at 4:15 p.m. in Marquand Chapel at
the Divinity School. It will be followed by a public reception in the Day
Missions Reading Room. The lecture and reception will be sponsored by the
George Edward and Olivia Hotchkiss Day Associates, a group of friends of the
Yale Divinity School Library dedicated to making the resources of the Library
more widely known.

The conference will include two sessions which focus on library and archival
resources for the study of Christian missions. The first will be a panel
discussion on "Future Trends in Access to Archival and Library Resources,"
which will focus on projects involving electronic access to library and
archival resources. The second will be a discussion of the Missions Studies
Resource Development Project, funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts under the
direction of Stephen L. Peterson of Trinity College in Hartford, and Jonathan
Bonk of Providence Theological Seminary in Manitoba.

Speakers scheduled to make presentations include Lamin Sanneh (Yale), William
A. Smalley (formerly of United Bible Societies and Bethel College), William
Mitchell (United Bible Societies and Edinburgh), Marcia Wright (Columbia),
William Burrows (Orbis Books), Susan Billington Harper (Harvard), Robert
Frykenberg (Wisconsin--Madison), Darrell Whiteman (Asbury), Edith Blumhofer
(Institute for the Study of American Evangelicalism, Wheaton College) and
Andrew Walls (Edinburgh).

The public is cordially invited to attend the lecture and reception on Friday
afternoon. Due to limited space, please contact Paul F. Stuehrenberg or
Martha L. Smalley at Yale Divinity School Library at (203) 432-5290 if you are
interested in attending other sessions of the conference.