7.0118 History-News List (1/65)

Wed, 18 Aug 1993 20:27:39 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0118. Wednesday, 18 Aug 1993.

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 93 14:31:12 BST
From: Donald A Spaeth <GKHA13@CMS.GLASGOW.AC.UK>
Subject: Announcement of new list: History-News

Announcing a new list: History-News

HISTORY-NEWS has been established to provide a UK-based news and
announcement service. It is run by the Computers in Teaching Initiative
Centre for History with Archaeology and Art History, at the University
of Glasgow.

History-News replaces the bulletin-board of the same name which ran
on a VAX computer located at the University of Glasgow.
Unfortunately, this was time-consuming to keep updated, particularly
for items of only temporary interest, such as conference and job
announcements. We have therefore not had the resources to keep
the history-news bulletin-board updated.

We have decided to replace the bulletin-board with a
"discussion list" using Newcastle Mailbase, a service similar
to Listserv, which is better-suited to temporary items. The
bulletin-board will continue to run, and out-of-date items are
being removed. We are currently investigating Gopher as a means
of providing an information service for items of long-term interest.

History-News joins two other lists run by the CTI Centre for History,
History-Methods and History-Teaching.

History-News will distribute any news item likely to be of general
interest to historians, archaeologists and art historians, including
course and conference announcements, job advertisements, seminar
schedules, publications, and dataset news. We welcome announcements
sent directly to the History-News list. Items need not have anything
to do with computing.

History-Methods and History-Teaching will be reserved for discussion
about these topics, with particular reference to the application of
computers. Only news items with particular relevance to methods or
teaching will be circulated to these lists.

To subscribe to History-News, send the following one-line message
to the address Mailbase@uk.ac.mailbase (or from outside the UK,
Mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk), replacing "your name" with your first and
last name:

join history-news your name

To subscribe to History-Methods or History-Teaching, send the
one-line message to the same address

join history-methods your name


join history-teaching your name

News items should be sent to History-News@uk.ac.mailbase (or
from outside the UK, History-News@mailbase.ac.uk).

Donald Spaeth
Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre for History
with Archaeology and Art History
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
United Kingdom