7.0140 Beinecke Library Fellowships (1/58)

Wed, 25 Aug 1993 21:45:11 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0140. Wednesday, 25 Aug 1993.

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 93 10:56:42 EDT
From: "Patricia C. Willis" <WILLP@YaleVM.YCC.Yale.Edu>
Subject: Beinecke Library Fellowships

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Yale University
for the Academic Year 1994-95

The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library offers short-term fellowships
to support visiting scholars pursuing post-doctoral or equivalent research
in its collections. The Beinecke Library is Yale University's principal
repository for literary papers and for early manuscripts and rare books in
the fields of literature, theology, history, and the natural sciences. In
addition to its distinguished general collections, the library houses the
Osborn Collection, noted for its British literary and historical
manuscripts, as well as outstanding special collections devoted to
American literature, German literature, and Western Americana.

The fellowships, which support travel to and from New Haven and pay a
living allowance of $1,800 per month, are designed to provide access to
the library for scholars who live outside the greater New Haven area.
The length of a grant, normally one month, will depend on the applicant's
research proposal; fellowships must be taken up between September l994 and
May 1995. Recipients are expected to be in residence during the period of
their award and are encouraged to participate in the activities of Yale

There is no application form. Applicants are asked to submit a resume and
a brief research proposal (not to exceed three pages) to the Director,
Beinecke Library, Box 1603A Yale Station, New Haven, Connecticut
06520-1603. The proposal should emphasize the relationship of the Beinecke
collections to the project and state the preferred dates of residence. The
applicant should also arrange to have two confidential letters of
recommendation sent to the Director.

The following named fellowships will be among those awarded; there is no
special application process for these fellowships.

The Frederick W. Beinecke Fellowship in Western Americana
The H.D. Fellowship in English or American literature
The Donald C. Gallup Fellowship in American literature
The A. Bartlett Giamatti Fellowship
The Archibald Hanna, Jr. Fellowship in American history
The John D. and Rose H. Jackson Fellowship
The H. P. Kraus Fellowship in early books and manuscripts
The James M. Osborn Fellowship in English literature and history
The Frederick A. and Marion S. Pottle Fellowship in 18th-century
British studies
The Alexander O. Vietor Fellowship in cartography and related fields

This announcement contains all of the information necessary to complete
the application process. All application materials must be received by
January 15, 1994. Awards will be announced in March 1994 for the period
September 1994 through May 1995.

Information about the Beinecke Library, guides to selected manuscript
collections, and the Yale online catalog can be accessed on the Internet.

E-mail inquires about the Beinecke fellowship program may be directed to