7.0151 CFP Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference (1/62)

Thu, 2 Sep 1993 14:34:27 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0151. Thursday, 2 Sep 1993.

Date: 1 Sep 93 11:00:09 U
From: "Robert Knapp" <robert_knapp@offcampus.reed.edu>
Subject: PNRC Conference

Call for Papers

The Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference

Reed College, Portland OR
18-19 March 1994

Beating the Bounds:

The Formation and Interaction
of the Disciplines
Early Modern Europe

Plenary Speakers:

Lorraine Daston
Professor of History and History of Science
Department of History, University of Chicago

Lorraine Helms
San Francisco Clown School

Thomas Laqueur
Professor of History
Department of History, University of California at Berkeley


Papers and proposals for sessions are invited on all aspects of the culture and
society of early modern Europe, c. 1300-1700. The organizers especially
encourage papers and proposals that would permit the interdisciplinary
exploration of such questions as the relationship between art, literature, and
science, the engagement with non-European cultures, the relationship between
ethics and political philosophy and practice, the history of rhetoric and
literary scholarship, the protocols of representation, the reconstruction of
epistemologies, etc.
Abstracts and proposals should reach the organizers by 1 November 1993;
acceptances will be made by 20 December; completed papers should be received by
1 February 1994.


Robert S. Knapp Roger Porter
Department of English Department of English

Peter Parshall David Harris Sacks
Department of Art and Art History Department of History

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Portland, OR 97202
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